Viral Warzone TikTok shows victim’s POV as pro Aydan destroys them mid-tourney

Theo Salaun
aydan warzone pro kill casuals POV

Have you ever wondered what facing a Warzone pro would look like in-game? A viral TikTok answers that question, as a team shared their POV while getting absolutely demolished by Aydan.

Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad is the highest-earning Call of Duty: Warzone player of all time, but he’s not done yet. And one team found that out the hard way, as they suffered the misfortune of being in his way during a $20K tournament.

During the tourney, Aydan went rogue and had a pretty wild play where he 1v3’d an entire squad with some nasty movement. That’s not very rare for the battle royale star, but seeing it from his victims’ perspective is.

In a TikTok, ‘’ shows how the play looked from their perspective. Despite knowing where Aydan was and pre-aiming the stairwell, their entire squad still got melted in 17 seconds. It really looks like they’re playing two different games.

Staring down the stairwell, toodaloo somehow gets killed before they can even get a bullet off. What follows is a series of “what the f**k” and “this guy is a f**king pro” callouts as the team gets demolished.

One teammate realizes what happened, mentioning that it was Aydan who killed them. This is foreign to toodaloo, who asked if Aydan is “some streamer.”

As for Aydan’s POV, the play still looks absolutely nutty — but is just another day at the office for the talented pro.

Contrasting the two perspectives is quite interesting. Call of Duty is known for having “broken cameras,” where mechanics from one player’s POV result in completely different visuals for their opponents. 

What looks fairly common on Twitch from Aydan’s POV then looks entirely diabolical from the casual players’ perspectives, as the streamer is barely visible on screen for more than a split-second between kills.

Ultimately, Aydan went on to win that tournament with Rated and Mayappo — adding to his hefty earnings. And for normal players out there, at least now we know what it looks like when you get between a pro and their wallet.

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