CoD legends slam claim that Warzone pros are “superior” to CDL players

Jeremy Gan
Warzone promotional image

Call of Duty legends are coming out in droves to slam a podcast host for claiming Warzone pros are far superior to CDL players.

Despite having similar mechanics, regular CoD and Warzone could not be further apart, with one being a traditional two-team FPS and the other an outright battle royale. 

Despite that, a familiar debate was sparked up by a CoD talk show, The Dropshot Podcast, after a host claimed “the best Warzone player in the world is way more skillful than being than being the best CDL player in the world”. 

It seems they’ve rubbed many CoD legends the wrong way, as many quickly came out to slam the hosts for their takes.

Nadeshot responded to the clip first up. “Say you land Low Town on Urzikstan. Take the size of that drop zone and now cut that whole area in half. You just spawn in there for 10 minutes against four players as good or better than Biffle and try to get in a hill for 250 seconds before they do.

“No smokes, no third parties, you just squaring up against four of the best players in the world. Would you rather do that on stage for $1,000,000 or would you rather run for 20 minutes on a map the size of Narnia avoiding gunfights and praying to god you get circle pull on final Zone?”

Some other legends’ responses weren’t as inquisitive as Nadeshot’s with Methodz saying, “The brain dead podcast brought to you by my left ass and my right ass.” 

Octane also chimed in on the clip, hilariously saying, “Anyone having access to podcast equipment is the downfall of humanity.” 

Of course, it’s hard to know how serious the folks on the podcast were, however, they defended their takes when responding to Nadeshot’s reply. 

“Placement alone is not going to win you any Warzone tournaments,” they replied. “These days, most tourneys are structured such that if you “prayed to god for final circle” and won the match with 0 kills, you would literally not earn any points.”

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