Game-breaking Warzone bug returns & sends Gulag winners to their death

Julian Young
Call of Duty Warzone Gulag Respawn Bug Season 4 Reloaded Final With Logo
Activision / Raven Software

After the Season 4 Reloaded update dropped on July 14, Warzone has seen a resurgence of old bugs. One particularly nasty glitch has reappeared in Verdansk and is once again robbing Gulag winners of their hard-earned respawns.

Despite a welcome shakeup of the current Warzone meta, Season 4’s Reloaded update has not rolled out smoothly, and remains plagued by a plethora of issues.

Although Raven Software unleashed another massive ban wave that removed more than 50,000 cheaters, many in the community are skeptical of its effectiveness. And, as with any major Warzone update, the game has once again been swamped by glitches — some new and some old.

In yet another case of a bug that was previously squashed making an unwelcome return, Warzone’s respawn mechanic has been completely ruined as players are once again finding themselves dropping into the deadly toxic gas outside of the safe zone after winning their Gulag fights.

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag Gas Bug Season 4 Reloaded Final
Activision / Raven Software
Players are finding themselves stuck in the gas after winning their Gulag fights.

As word of the returning bug began to spread, one player shared their own unfortunate encounter with the broken respawns on Reddit, showing that after winning their Gulag they were promptly dropped back into the round — but far outside of the safe zone, with no chance to escape.

Even before their character appeared floating over Verdansk, the player opened their map and promptly saw their icon appear at the northern edge of the playable area, which was deep inside the encroaching toxic gas at this late stage of the match.

The player dropped to the ground and started making a run for safety before realizing that they were much too far away from the edge of the zone, so they simply gave up and succumbed to the toxic fumes — their Gulag win completely wasted.

The Warzone community were quick to slam Activision and Raven Software over the return of yet another game-breaking bug — as they have with every other instance of a previously patched exploit making an unexpected return.

“Every hour I get on this subreddit, it’s just another video of another bug,” one user complained, referring to the constant stream of posts on social media pointing out bugs and exploits that have flooded back into the game since the Reloaded update went live.

At the time of writing, this particular issue hasn’t appeared on the list of items being tracked by Raven Software, but they will likely become aware of the bug sooner rather than later and patch it out of the game.

This issue did appear in Warzone shortly after its initial release and was later resolved, but appears to be running rampant yet again, and will continue to do so until another fix is implemented. Until then, maybe ask your team to save some buy-back money when you head to the Gulag.