Team Aydan wins $20K Code Red Freedom Warzone tournament: final results

. 1 year ago
Code Red Freedom Warzone tournament
Activision / BoomTV

Warzone events just keep on piling up as BoomTV hosted the latest Code Red tournament which saw Team Aydan closing out a $20K Odd Man Out competition.

  • Team Aydan wins $11,000 first-place prize.
  • Broadcast came to an end after 10 hours of competition.
  • BobbyPoff, ZLaner, TeePee among big names eliminated early.

Just hours after the $30K Jack Links tournament came to a close, another big Warzone event immediately started up. This time around, BoomTV’s hosted a new Code Red tournament utilizing the Odd Man Out format.

Here’s how the event played out.

$20K Code Red Warzone event: Final Placements (Top 8)

Placement Trio Prize
1st Aydan, Rated, Mayappo $11,000
2nd SuperEvan, MuTeX, DiazBiffle $5,000
3rd Warsz, Skullface49, Lenun $3,000
4th HusKerrs, JoeWo, RivsDanny $1,000
Top 6 Tommey, Newbz, Stukawaki
FaZe Bloo, EyeQew, GorgoKnight
Top 8 LEGIQN, Sloppyharry, Reedr
Jukeyz, Fifakill, Smit

$20K Code Red Warzone event: Results & Recap

With Trios all set and ready to split up, the opening round of action kicked things off with some extremely close games. Three matchups went the distance as teams traded maps back and forth. However, only one Trio was able to cruise through without fault.

Team Aydan took down Team LEGIQN, Team HusKerrs, and Team SuperEvan without dropping a single map. That helped secure their spot in the Grand Finals with ease.

On the opposite end of the bracket, the likes of BobbyPoff and IceManIsaac found themselves knocked out without winning a series. Ultimately, it was Team SuperEvan that went on a run through the lower bracket to make the Grand Finals.

After a brief intermission to download the new Season 4 Reloaded patch, it was Team Aydan up against Team SuperEvan. After playing the first few maps, however, the 10-hour broadcast came to an end and teams were uncertain whether or not to continue. It was soon decided that the Grand Finals would be played without a central stream.

Following a swift bracket reset, it was ultimately Team Aydan who finished in first place.

$20K Code Red Warzone event: Streams & Schedule

The $20K Code Red Warzone event featured a hub stream directly on BoomTV’s official Twitch account. With the first lobbies dropping at 12PM PT | 3PM ET on July 14, this stream served as the best way to keep on top of results throughout the day.

However, the biggest names were also sharing their POVs directly as always. From SuperEvan to Jukeyz, fans could tune in and watch their favorite players as went on a run through the competition.

The latest Code Red event ran for just under 12 hours.

$20K Code Red Warzone event: Format

Warzone gameplay
With the Odd Man Out format, Trios are split across separate lobbies.

Rather than a kill-race or a private lobby, this event relied on the Odd Man Out format. While teams registered together as a Trio, they weren’t actually playing together.

Two players from each Trio were loaded into a lobby with one ‘odd man’ from another Trio. These players then split up across Verdansk and hunted for as many kills as possible. The solo player then had their individual kills added onto the duos kills to form their point total.

All upper bracket games were best of three while lower bracket games were best of one.

$20K Code Red Warzone event: Teams & Players

A total of 16 teams were locked in for the latest Code Red tournament.

Here’s a rundown of every confirmed player.

Tommey, Newbz, Stukawaki Jukeyz, Fifakill, Smit
HusKerrs, JoeWo, RivsDanny TeePee, Unrational, Scummn
Warsz, Skullface49, Lenun SuperEvan, MuTeX, DiazBiffle
BobbyPoff, Ottereyes, Stayfinessen TeeGrizzley, Gunsworld, DJmas
IceManIsaac, Braalik, Exzachtt LEGIQN, Sloppyharry, Reedr
FaZe Bloo, EyeQew, GorgoKnight ZLaner, Destroy, Clutchbelk
Aydan, Rated, Mayappo Ays, Zpki, Twisty (Collegiate Qualifier)


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