Aydan gets big payday from GameBattles just before they shut down for good

John Esposito
aydan holding his thumb up and smiling in Twitch stream

GameBattles is shutting down or good on January 15, 2024, but before it goes away, Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad wants to make sure he gets his prize money.

GameBattles served as one of Call of Duty‘s premiere tournament providers, giving players opportunities to play in ladders, smaller tournaments, and much more. It eventually joined the Activision family and would serve as the host for many open circuit events for CoD’s Tier 2 scene along with Overwatch.

However, that all changed when Activision announced the end of GameBattles in November 2023, as the developer continued to make cuts to its esports division. The final day of operation would be January 15.

With the final day upon us, NYSL content creator Aydan chimed in to share one last hurrah from his time on the site.

NYSL Aydan gets big payday from GameBattles

Before he began competing in Fortnite, Aydan used to play in GameBattle tournaments, and he did quite well for himself.

With the shutdown approaching, the NYSL content creator briefly reflected on his time with the platform, where he wondered if he’d ever see the $27,000 USD prize claims he hadn’t claimed yet.

The replies flooded in with support, telling him he had until January 31 to claim the prize money and if he sent in a support ticket, he’d be all set.

Of course, the story ends rather positively, as he later followed up his tweet with a PayPal invoice from Major League Gaming, with all the prize money he earned.

Just as Aydan said in his tweet: “It’s never chalked.”