Viral Warzone TikTok breaks down 1v3 with uncensored Sherlock Holmes commentary

warzone sherlock holmes viral tiktokActivision / BBC

Call of Duty: Warzone players are notorious for creative TikTok content, but a new bar has been set. Like some blend of Sherlock Holmes and Deadpool, a user has narrated their 1v3 in a mini, slow-mo action movie.

Every game of Warzone has the potential to feel like an action movie. Sometimes it’s a tragedy where you, the main character, die early on to an overpowered enemy. Sometimes it’s a tale of triumph and perseverance when you camp your way to a victory.

But TikTok lets players amplify the cinematic experience, with people turning Warzone plays into comedies and others turning them into moments of beautiful slow-mo action.

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The latest creation out of ‘thestonystark’ is a blend of those two, as he earned over 7 million views for a breakdown of a wild 1v3. From referencing Batman to adult actresses, the clip is a rollercoaster.

The narration of this… cinematic experience is versatile, to say the least. While stonystark has a raspy tone akin to Batman, he also gives off Sherlock Holmes and Deadpool vibes. From “deductive reasoning” to getting “f**ked from behind,” the player’s brain knows no barriers.

He breaks the play down live, giving a glimpse into the head of Warzone players everywhere. It’s a stream of consciousness, much like the Sherlock television show, with the game going into slow-mo as he makes split-second decisions: “180 on this b***h like Tony Hawk.”

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Weaver skin broken aim assist Cold WarTreyarch/Activision
Warzone already has a lot of Hollywood energy.

People were all about the action on TikTok. While some probably appreciated the reloading and door-closing advice, the majority were more focused on the narration. From James Bond, to Holmes, to Deadpool, stonystark’s commentary summoned a lot of different feelings from a lot of different people.

However the video made you feel, there’s one clear learning lesson for everyone in Verdansk: be careful breaking windows in the early game, because someone might turn you into a TikTok seen by millions of people.