Random Warzone player outplays CDL pro in finesse of the century

Call of Duty League / Activision

The Call of Duty League is over and that means CDL stars are jumping into Warzone. But, as the Minnesota ROKKR’s Priestahh found out the hard way, Verdansk is full of crafty finessers these days.

The ROKKR earned $410,000 in CDL 2021, winning a tournament against the best CoD players in the world and coming in fourth during CDL Champs. They’re professionals and Preston ‘Priestahh’ Greiner is one of the team’s stars.

Unfortunately, while Priestahh is nasty at the game and earned Warzone world records in the past — Verdansk has changed.

The pro found that out quite quickly in his first day back in the battle royale, as potential victims proved… elusive. Instead of getting easy kills, Priestahh found himself outsmarted and swindled like some sort of GTA NPC.

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As can be seen in the clip, Uncle P saw a guy in the middle of nowhere on his UAV, just asking to be killed. So the pro drove pulled up, unconcerned about incoming grenades thanks to a Trophy System.

Next thing you know, as Priestahh jumps out to start shooting, there’s an explosion, smoke, and… poof, the player is gone. A moment later, the ROKKR flex realizes that he’s been robbed in broad daylight: “Wait what … What the f**k am I playing, this guy just hijacked me.”

Warzone LaddersActivision
Warzone is a different world these days.

Yes, the player tried C4’ing P’s car, only to end up in the car and driving off into the sunset. And just like that, Priestahh was robbed of a kill, a car, and all hope for composure.

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As commenters have pointed out, it’s possible that this was an elaborate finesse or an accidental one. The button to enter a vehicle is the same as the one to detonate a C4, so they could have just mistakenly hopped in and proceeded to run with it. 

Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, one thing is clear: there’s a long break until the CDL returns and these pros should be ready for some absolute shenanigans now that they’re back in Verdansk.