How to use Warzone’s Looking for Party feature


Warzone’s latest Season 5 update has brought a feature that will help players that queue up alone. The Looking for Party feature allows players to set filters to find ideal teammates.

With the August 25 update, Warzone Season 5 introduced to a new way for players to find squadmates and avoid the pitfalls of completely random teammates.

Players have constantly debated over finding a perfect system to team up with players when their friends are offline and this feature may be the icing to the cake.

The Looking for Party tab is seemingly very helpful as players can now find people that are similar to them and dominate Verdansk as a unit.

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Call of Duty Warzone squadRaven Software/Activision
Players now have a filter system that allows you to narrow down fill teammates.

Where to find Looking for Party in Warzone

This feature gives players the ability to pick out their teammates based on interests. This allows the player to select which game mode you are looking for, how you wish to communicate, and the kind of playstyle you prefer.

There are three filters players can customize to find their ideal teammates.

Although this is just in beta, it seems to be easy to use. We have broken down the steps of how to use this and what it will do for you.

  1. Open Warzone
  2. Click the “Look for Party” button under the Squad section
  3. Open Party Settings
  4. Select the filters that fit what you want in a teammate
  5. Start looking for your party

Once you have followed all of these steps, you’ll then start searching for teammates and be ready to deploy in Verdansk.

It was noted in the patch notes that this is in Beta and can be changed at any point. Some things to be added as suggested by the community include, searching by K/D ratio, win percentage, season level, and more.

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This is not required for fill players to use but gives an alternative to people that complain about finding decent teammates when using fill.