Warzone TikTok breaking down a pro’s 1v7 is absolute comedy gold

Theo Salaun. Last updated: Jul 19, 2021
warzone viral tiktok hilarious live commentary newbz

Sometimes you just want to peek into the minds of Warzone’s best players. And that’s exactly what a TikToker did, as they gave an absurd Newbz 1v7 clip an explicit, trash-talking voiceover.

Edy ‘Newbz’ Juan is one of the best Call of Duty: Warzone players in the world. After a rough time in CoD’s Challengers and amateur scene, the demon has made it into the top 10 Warzone earners with over $100K.

As far as characters go, Newbz is on the quieter side of streamers — preferring to let his game do the talking.

Well, that’s not enough for TikTok’s ‘luxxxreno,’ who decided to take a dive into the pro’s subconscious and give a live play-by-play of a wild clip. The 1v7 is nutty on its own, but the commentary is comedy gold.

Things start strong, with Newbz pulling out his Heartbeat Detector and luxxxreno describing it perfectly: “I whip out the s**tter detector.”

The rest is a glorious melange of big plays and bigger swear words. Newbz sees “three donnies,” survives their double-C4 traps, and outplays them with the tricks of a madman — and he’s still not done.

Next, more people are heard downstairs, and as luxxxreno so eloquently puts it: “I pop a UAV, I pop a deady, I get my f**king d**k out — and I run at them with that s**t swinging between my legs.”

By the end of the video, Newbz has killed enough people to make two clips and luxxxreno has narrated it all in foul-mouthed glory. The streamer saw the clip himself, and was sure to toss some laughing emojis on in support.

Kudos have to be given after a video like this. First, to Newbz for being a menace in Verdansk. Second, to luxxxreno for narrating the clip perfectly (and shutting down a homophobe in the process). 

And third, saving the best for last, a big thank you to the seven souls whose tombstones form the foundation of this quality content (which already has over two million views on TikTok).