Viral Warzone TikTok turns a 1v2 into slow-mo cinematic masterpiece

Theo Salaun
warzone tiktok art video viral
Pexels / Activision

A new Warzone TikTok video has gone viral because it’s an absolute piece of art. Editing a 1v2 gunfight clip, the cinematic masterpiece is causing millions of people to admire the game on an aesthetic level.

Call of Duty gets its hate, and Warzone gets hated on too, but sometimes players just want to look on the bright side of life and appreciate the little things. That’s what TikTok’s ‘itsAzimi’ did when, instead of thinking about hackers, they edited a little 1v2 clip of theirs and released it into the world.

The clip, dramatically set to Sarah Cothran’s cover of Matt Maltese’s “As The World Caves In,” shows a fast-paced play — but slowed down and edited to the rhythm of an ethereal soundtrack. 

It’s about 25 seconds long, even with the slow motion, showcasing just how quickly Warzone plays start and finish. With over 1.9 million views on TikTok alone, players are obsessed and love just how well it displays the movement and tension in Warzone.

On the original TikTok, itsAzimi captions his video simply: “Guy tried to break my camera, so I broke his.”

But there’s more to it than that. Azimi is swapping from Kar98 to MP5 as a veritable demon slides around a corner in front of him. He weaves past, turns, and slide cancels right as the cracked enemy 180s and jumps back toward him.

Azimi downs this caffeinated opponent and then quickly weaves in and out of a doorway, slide-canceling and jumping into shots against another enemy, who tries to pull off an instant snake on him.

Azimi and his opponents pull off an absurd amount of movement techs in the short clip and the TikToker slows down each moment in pace with the background music. A floating, emotional song about romance, one wouldn’t expect this song to match Warzone — but it somehow does.

With a world of cracked enemies caving upon Azimi and Cothran singing in the background, commenters agree that this slowed-down clip turns Warzone into a piece of film. It may just be a game, but the sensations are real and Azimi’s clip struck a chord.

It’s a short, little video about some buttons being clicked, but the reactions all center around “beauty” and “poetry.” And they’re right, sometimes this game is poetry in motion — slide-canceling, bunny-hopping, head-glitching motion.