Viral CoD Vanguard TikTok uncovers a big mystery for attachments

cod vanguard weaponActivision

Activision have released a load of details on Call of Duty Vanguard ahead of its November 5 release date, but players are picking holes in its story already. 

The game is being developed by Sledgehammer Games, who have said it is “rooted but not beholden” to the World War 2 timeline.

On August 25, during Gamescom, new gameplay was released showing off a number of new weapons and elements, with some members of the game’s online community left unimpressed by the graphics.

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Next on the list for scrutiny, apparently, is how the title doesn’t exactly look like a World War-inspired experience.

CoD Vanguard mystery goes viral on TikTok

cod vanguardActivision
Vanguard is already becoming popular on TikTok, months before launch.

As many will know already, the previous installment in the series – Black Ops Cold War – was targeted by critics claiming that there were a lot of inaccurate historical details. Not a lot of them affected gameplay.

However, that’s not exactly the case in CoD Vanguard. In a TikTok clip that’s since gone viral, from spectrexgaming, the user has spotted another big mystery.

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The captain of the video says: “If red dots weren’t deployed until 30 years after WW2, how are they in Vanguard?”

They’re not wrong, either. According to the original inventor of the red dot sight, Aimpoint, they released their first version in 1975, some 30 years after the Second World War concluded.

While this may look like an embarrassing mistep from the game’s developers, they did cover their tracks by suggesting the latest Call of Duty story was not beholden to the timeline. It begs the question, though: How far will they stretch that for the title’s features?

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Next thing you know, RCXDs might be spinning around the map. Jokes aside, here’s a full list of Vanguard’s perks, equipment, and streaks.