Villainous Warzone pro uses streamer’s fiancee as bait for easy kill

Activision / Pexels

Call of Duty: Warzone players need a blend of mechanical skill and strategic know-how. And pro player Almond showed off the latter when he devilishly realized he could use another streamer’s fiancee as bait.

Most of the Warzone pros know each other fairly well. Ever since the game’s March 2020 release, these players have familiarized themselves by playing with and against each other on a weekly basis. And now, Ben ‘Almond’ Rosendahl has used that personal knowledge for his own gain.

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Almond and Rhys ‘Rated’ Price are both among Warzone’s top 10 earners and have spent countless hours interacting. As such, Almond is familiar with some personal details of Rated’s life. More specifically, he knows Rated’s fiancee by name and gamer tag.

So, in a twist of villainous brainpower, the pro used their relationship for his benefit. It’s part funny, part evil, and part a lesson in why you should strategically assess your enemies.

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Warzone pro uses streamer’s love life against him

As you can see in the clip, Almond downed someone and — right before finishing them off — suddenly paused. A moment later, he let out a chuckle and let viewers know he recognized the gamertag: “Wait… I’m pretty sure this is Morg and Rhys, hold on.”

After quickly hiding, waiting for Rated to come and rescue his damsel in distress, Almond heard the revive and popped back out. Then, in the blink of an eye, he had downed both and started teabagging Rated’s body.

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From the sudden trap to mid-teabag laughter, this is about as much supervillain energy as you can get in a game of Warzone.

Warzone Scream Skin HalloweenActivision
Ghostface from Scream will be added to Warzone, but he’s not the only villain around.

In the replies to Almond’s tweet, people easily understood why his tactic worked out. As one user responded, “love is powerful.”

Rated’s fiancee, Morgan, laughed it off too. With Almond and Rated both nestled among the game’s best, the relationship between the three is familiar so no one took things personally.

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But, for casuals, there’s something to learn from this strategy. While players are unlikely to know the love lives of their opponents, this proves two things. 

First, it’s good to pay attention to enemies you down (checking gamertags, listening to death comms). And second, sometimes you should wait to finish someone — setting a trap and using them as bait could give you two kills for the price of one.

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