Warzone players flame devs as STG recoil animation ruins the gun

Lawrence Scotti

Call of Duty Warzone’s newest gun, the STG-44, has a crazy amount of recoil and players are wondering how it got past the playtesting phase.

Warzone has added the newest gun from Call of Duty: Vanguard, the STG-44, to its Season 6 Battle Pass.

The STG marks the first weapon to crossover from both of the CoD titles, but some players have noticed a massive problem with the Warzone version of the weapon.

The STG-44 is unlockable in the Warzone’s Season 6 Battle Pass.

STG-44 Warzone recoil problem

Warzone players who have tested the STG-44 have noticed that the gun has an ungodly amount of recoil, making it very difficult to use.

Reddit user TrueLordOfPotatoes noticed the recoil issue and said, “I don’t know about you guys but I think the stg-44 slamming into your shoulder like this would hurt quite a bit.”

Their clip shows the absolutely ridiculous amount of blowback the weapon gives players, making aiming with it a nearly impossible task.

One user commented on the STG issue and wrote, “Someone actually worked on this and thought that visual recoil was ready for the game lol.”

Another wondered how much Activision is meddling in the development process. “They probably know it isn’t ready, but deadlines are a thing and Activision don’t care as long as they can get their advertising for the new cod by putting these guns in early,” they commented.

The STG was introduced into Vanguard first, and with the game a few weeks from launch, decided to import the weapon into Warzone for a cross promotion.

The visual recoil is quite awkward and much more visually impairing than many other weapons in the game. Hopefully, there will be a fix soon so players can enjoy the gun without the cartoonish recoil.