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Vanguard Zombies most OP strategy uses Machine Gun Rocket Launcher

Published: 21/Dec/2021 17:57

by Andrew Highton


Rocket Launchers are notoriously destructive, but one player has managed to concoct an insane Machine Gun Rocket Launcher loadout in Call of Duty’s Vanguard Zombies and it’s ludicrously OP.

Despite Vanguard Zombies not being a huge success, there are clearly still enough players engaging with the game mode. A lackluster Season 1 update has not deterred all players, and it means that there are always new sneaky OP classes to make.

Most players default to an LMG to be able to mow down a ton of flesh-eating pests. Or even a properly Pack-A-Punched Shotgun like the Combat Shotgun to relentlessly punch holes in enemies. But one type of class that is often overlooked, apart from for camo challenges, is Launchers.


One player has managed to make use of Der Anfang’s various abilities and upgrades to fashion a new type of Machine Gun.

exploding zombies in vanguard
Explosions upon explosions!

One of the new gameplay features that elevates Vanguard Zombies and tries to make it stand out from previous iterations is the Altar of Sacrifice. An RNG system that allows players to acquire up to three modifiers of varying rarities to increase damage output and manipulate their playstyle to their liking.

Well, a Reddit user has found that Vanguard’s explosive Panzerfaust Launcher works extremely well in conjunction with several Altar of Sacrifice abilities. To make this ridiculously OP loadout, here’s what you’ll need:


  • Level 3 Pack-A-Punched Panzerfaust
  • Ammo Gremlin ability – Legendary Rarity
  • Splatterfest ability – Legendary Rarity

The combination of each makes for a simply obscene weapon that would already thrive on its own as Level 3 PAP Panzerfaust. But once you add the AOS abilities, the single-shot Panzerfaust can basically just keep firing rockets  — making it a Rocket Launcher Machine Gun.

The OP says that with this build: “One-shot ends at about 15 I think,” giving players plenty of time to enjoy OP goodness. It would be ideal for any objective and is the definition of a crowd control weapon, and it looks fun.