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Vanguard players slam “broken” MP40 blueprint making it the wrong weapon

Published: 17/Jan/2022 12:03

by Jacob Hale


Call of Duty: Vanguard players have been left frustrated and shocked over the state of the Graveyard Shift mastercraft bundle — or, more specifically, how broken the ‘Rune’ MP40 blueprint is in-game.

The Graveyard Shift bundle looks very unique in the Call of Duty world, in particular with the Rune MP40 blueprint showcasing a great art design with gothic inspiration and something that will no doubt turn the heads of your enemies.

That said, it’s rarely able to do that in-game, with the bundle launching completely broken and the Rune blueprint being a big issue for users.

With broken attachments, effects and even spawning in as the wrong gun, players that spent 2400 CoD Points on the bundle are disappointed, to say the least.


rune mp40 vanguard attachments
The Rune MP40 blueprint isn’t quite working as intended…

As it turns out, equipping the Rune blueprint won’t actually let you use the gun in multiplayer unless you make some serious changes to the default attachments that come with it.

As shown in the clip below, when you equip the loadout in a multiplayer match, it instead gives you an STG, not even in the same weapon class as the MP40 that it’s supposed to be.

How to fix broken Rune MP40 blueprint

If you’re paying all those CoD Points for a bundle, you definitely expect the gun to at least not change into a different one, but fortunately, there is at least a workaround while players await a fix.


As detailed by ElvisCOD on Twitter, you have to make a few attachment changes to get the Rune blueprint working as intended. This includes removing the No Stock attachment to stop it from turning into an STG.

Once you’ve done that, you also have to change the ammunition and magazine to get the dismemberment effects working properly.

Fortunately, the issue doesn’t seem to be happening in Warzone or Zombies, so if you plan on using the blueprint in those modes, you shouldn’t have any issues.

No doubt players won’t be happy to have to make so many changes just to make a weapon they paid for work properly, but it’s no doubt something that developers Sledgehammer Games will want to address as soon as possible.