Twitch bans 7-year old Call of Duty prodigy

Ryan Lemay
CDL operators in Modern Warfare 2 ranked mode are just one of the incoming rewards.

Twitch banned 7-year-old CoD prodigy, JoDogs, who has established himself as one of the best MW2 Ranked Play competitors.

As time goes on, extremely young audiences are flocking more and more to competitive games like Call of Duty. In 2021, Warzone prodigy RowdyRogan wiped out an entire enemy squad with just a set of throwing knives. The young star carried his mom and dad to four straight battle royale victories.

In a more extreme example, a 3-year-old CoD player went viral for his insane skill at CoD Mobile. The display of talent received a mixed reaction of applause and criticism. Some questioned whether someone so young should be playing such a violent video game.

Twitch has also taken issue with underaged streamers using its platform. JoDogs, a 7-year-old CoD prodigy, has been banned on Twitch, likely due to him being too young to stream on the platform.

CoD prodigy banned by Twitch

Twitch has very strict guidelines for children on the platform. Here is their official policy on the matter: “If you are under 13 years of age, then please do not use or access the Twitch services at any time or in any manner.”

However, it’s unclear if that’s why JoDogs was banned from Twitch. Jacke Lucky reported: “Being underage is against Twitch ToS, but the channel for JoDog2016 on Twitch was called JoDogSquad to represent a family channel as his father always plays by his side.”

Lucky added: “Every time I have covered this type of story, Twitch has stood their ground on the ban.”

The streamer’s social media account confirmed that an appeal was made to the ban.

The father-son duo also announced: “We will continue to stream on FB and also started a Kick account.”

In a previous case, an 11-year-old Valorant streamer was banned and unbanned from Twitch without much detail. They streamed for four more months under parental supervision before being banned again.

Whether JoDogs should be able to stream or not remains a contentious point on the internet. 

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