Twitch bans 11-year-old Radiant Valorant streamer despite parental supervision

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Despite having parental supervision during his livestreams, a prodigy 11-year-old Radiant Valorant streamer was banned on Twitch for disobeying community guidelines.

Radiant is the highest rank in Valorant and is an accomplishment most players can only dream of. But in Lucas’ case, he managed to reach the peak rank of Radiant at only 11 years of age, showcasing prodigal talent in the video game.

He streamed his journey on Twitch, supervised and accompanied by his parents the whole way through, but was recently banned on the streaming platform for disobeying Twitch’s community guidelines.

11-year-old Radiant Valorant streamer gets banned on Twitch

Jake Lucky, an esports journalist, and content creator, recently highlighted Lucas’s story.

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“He has been banned on Twitch for his age, although he streams with parental supervision. Much of the community has jumped to his defense, while others argue Twitch’s ban is fair,” Lucky mentioned in his Twitter post.

For context, Twitch has very strict guidelines for children on the platform. Here is their official policy on the matter: “If you are under 13 years of age, then please do not use or access the Twitch services at any time or in any manner.”

According to his parents in the interview, they were genuinely unaware of this policy’s existence.

“They were previously banned and unbanned without much detail, and had streamed with parental supervision for 4 months before being banned again,” Lucky shared publicly after talking with the family.

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Whether Lucas should be able to stream or not remains a contentious point on the internet. Many argue he should be able to, as long as he’s supervised by an adult, while others agree with Twitch’s decision to prohibit the minor from streaming.

For the time being, Twitch is yet to issue further comment on the matter.