3-year-old Call of Duty “beast” goes viral and divides the internet

Michael Gwilliam
3-year-old dominates cod mobile

A 3-year-old Call of Duty player is going viral for his insane skill at the game, but some people don’t think such a young child should be playing violent video games.

Earlier this year, footage emerged on TikTok of the next Call of Duty prodigy in the form of a toddler with an iPad.

In the clip, the young boy was actually able to do pretty well and secured a couple frags in the process, showcasing some hidden potential skill.

“I wonder how people would feel if they knew a 3-year-old old is playing them in Call of Duty,” the boy’s mother captioned the clip. Needless to say, the results were mixed to say the least.

CoD community shocked by three-year-old’s insane skill

As the video went viral, the responses on TikTok increased with some applauding the boy for having such skill at a young age while others slammed the mom for letting him play.

“If I knew a 3-year-old old killed me on COD, I’d quit gaming forever,” one joked.

“Bro is better than me,” said another.

However, not all the comments were positive with one taking issue with the boy being allowed to play Call of Duty. “It’s a big NO for me. He should be playing Barney games at this age,” remarked an Instagram user.

CoD Mobile
Imagine losing to a three-year-old at CoD?

Yahoo News even spoke to Professor Ofir Turel from Melbourne University about the viral clip where she warned about the boy’s future.

“Playing COD at this level obviously requires practice. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends zero screen time at ages 0-2 and one hour per day of selective screen time, i.e. of educational programs, at ages 2-5,” she said.

“Studies found that more screen time in 2-year-olds is associated with poorer cognitive and social development outcomes at 3 years. In my own studies on video gaming in older children, I found links to poor sleep and obesity.”

In any case, we can’t wait to see this young lad in the Call of Duty League in 15 years when he’s eligible. Until then, he’s already amassed over 8.5 million views on TikTok alone with reuploads of the video dubbing the boy a “CoD beast.”

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