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TrueGameData exposes Warzone massive silent nerf to popular Ghost perk

Published: 28/Mar/2022 21:03 Updated: 28/Mar/2022 23:12

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone expert TrueGameData has confirmed that the devs silently nerfed the popular Ghost perk as it now only hides you from enemies while you are moving.

When it comes to the perfect loadout in Warzone, you need to make sure you have everything from weapons all the way down to perks.

The second slot is dominated by Overkill and Ghost. Once you pick up that second loadout, you equip Ghost to go invisible from enemy pings.

While many “coward” campers abuse this, people have been asking for the perk to get changed, and Raven Software have done so.

Warzone Ghost perk was secretly nerfed 

There are plenty of Warzone analysts out there, but none are trusted to the levels of TrueGameData and JGOD. This time, TGD did some digging after finding a broken Welgun attachment, and tweeted a massive discovery.


TGD said that while he was testing out things, he can now confirm that “Ghost no longer hides you when you are not moving. But, still does when you are moving.” He also explained this in a YouTube video.

This change means that campers using the perk will no longer be able to lay down in a bush, sit in a building, and so on, to stay alive.

When UAVs are used, if you have this perk and are standing still, you will appear as a red dot on the minimap. Fans were happy to see this change as many people commented “massive W,’ and “nice.”


Twitter user Christopher was one of those, as they are calling this the “biggest balancing W’s in Warzone.” Players have always wondered why Ghost worked differently in Warzone than it did in other Multiplayer games like Black Ops Cold War.

Since finding this Raven Software have confirmed the change in their patch notes, and is in effect across public and private matches, as well as Modern Warfare multiplayer games.