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JGOD shows how powerful Warzone Weapon Trade Stations can be

Published: 27/Mar/2022 23:16

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players have completed the community challenge and unlocked the Weapon Trade Stations across Rebirth Island, and JGOD is showing off the true power of these machines.

The Weapon Trade Stations were introduced in the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update. These were finally activated on March 27 as players completed the first task in the Community Challenge.

Now, these vending machine-like stations are setup across the entirety of Rebirth, and players like JGOD are showing off the true potential that these hold.

How strong are Weapon Trade Stations in Warzone?

After the WTS went live, JGOD immediately hopped into a game and tested out the new mechanic, and his findings were quite interesting.


While it’s pretty straight forward, JGOD revealed that you can take two weapons, trade them for different guns and also get enough money to buy another loadout drop.

Each legendary weapon gives you $1,200, so if you have four players that trade in eight weapons, then you will have well over $7,500 and can purchase you own.

This can be useful if you and your squad battle a team that is already looted up. You can kill them, take their weapons and trade them in to stack up the money.

Redditor ‘Phantom1806’ also showed how overpowered these new stations are on Rebirth.


not much just 15 loadys in 1 match from CODWarzone

Since people are able to respawn on Rebirth, they were able to accumulate over “15 loadouts in one match.” As seen in the picture, there are plenty of Precision Airstrikes, Munitions boxes, and traded weapons on the floor.

This is adding a brand-new strategy to Warzone as people can have a new way to stack up killstreaks and weapons. Loot will no longer be wasted as you can turn enemies guns into cash, equipment, and more.