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TrueGameData reveals “broken” Welgun attachment making Warzone SMG insane

Published: 27/Mar/2022 11:12

by Joe Craven


Warzone expert and YouTuber TrueGameData has revealed a broken Warzone Welgun attachment that makes the Vanguard SMG one of the best sniper support weapons in the game. 

Vanguard weapons in Warzone are not particularly new, having been in the Call of Duty battle royale since Warzone Pacific finally came to fruition back in December of 2021.

Among the strongest options in terms of WWII weapons is the Welgun, the Vanguard SMG renown for its consistency and fire rate. This has been reflected in the most-used weapons in Warzone, a list that the Welgun has frequently been a part of.

However, according to Warzone analyst and content creator TrueGameData, there’s a “broken” attachment for the submachine gun that makes it ultra-consistent at longer ranges and the perfect sniper support weapon.


Welgun Warzone loadout
The Welgun arrived into Warzone shortly after Vanguard’s launch.

Speaking in a March 26 video, TGD explained that there appears to be a slight glitch with the in-game damage profile of one Welgun attachment, meaning its damage drop-off does not function as expected.

The attachment in question is the 7.62 Gorenko 48 Round Mags. 

As TGD shows, problems with the way it has been programmed in-game mean its damage output stays stable at longer ranges. Although it is strong up close, its true strength is as these medium ranges where it outperforms any TTK expected of a standard SMG.

TGD explained: “Overall, it’s very good as a sniper support.”

While up close it will still be outgunned by the strongest SMGs in the game – think the Owen Gun and MP40 – there are few, if any, SMGs that can hang with its TTK at longer ranges.


Some Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War ARs will also outgun it, but users of those weapons will use the inherent mobility and handling benefits of an SMG.

It seems likely Raven will look to patch the glitch in a future update but, for now, drop in and get those 48 Round Mags equipped.