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Treyarch responds to Cold War bug totally removing teammates names in-game

Published: 8/Jun/2021 13:16

by James Busby


Treyarch has finally responded to a frustrating Cold War bug that was removing allied nameplates from the game. 

Black Ops Cold War’s visibility can be poor at the best of times and while tweaking your in-game settings can help, seeing your teammates’ nameplates is incredibly important. This is especially true if you wish to avoid wasting any ammo or accidentally teamkilling in the game’s hardcore modes. However, a recent bug has been making it increasingly difficult for players to distinguish friend from foe. 

Nameplates are one of the easiest ways to distinguish allies, but several players have reported an issue where they disappear completely. Not only does this lead to some incredibly frustrating deaths, it can also give the enemy team a huge advantage. Fortunately, Treyarch has responded and are looking to address the game’s nameplate issue for good. 


Cold War
Activision / Treyarch
Being able to see your friends and foes is incredibly important.

Posting on the official Cold War subreddit, AAC_Nitro stated that they had been experiencing an issue with allied nameplates. “My teammates do not have any distinct icons or names over their head unless I look directly at them. Been shooting at teammates all day, [so] if there’s a setting I need to change, please help.”

It appears AAC_Nitro hasn’t been the only player to experience this strange issue. In fact, several players reached out to explain that they too had experienced this frustrating bug. “Glad I’m not the only one this happens to,” said Bighead253. “I have to hard reset my Xbox every time this happens.”


Cold War Zombies
Activision / Treyarch
The problem seems to be linked to Cold War’s Zombies.

According to one player, the problem seems to arise when going from Cold War’s Zombies mode to the standard multiplayer. Quite what is causing this issue remains to be seen, but Treyarch devs are aware of the issue. “We’re investigating this one. You’re correct that it seems hard to reproduce 100%. I made sure to forward the latest threads and we’re currently taking a look at it.”

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In the meantime, Cold War players have found that simply restarting the game fixes the issue. It’s also best to avoid playing multiplayer immediately after a round of Zombies – instead, simply restart your game and boot up which mode you wish to play. It’s a little annoying, but this should alleviate any frustrations that come with Cold War’s nameplate bug.