TimTheTatman reveals Warzone 2 devs ignored his advice over “aimbot” AI


TimTheTatman voiced his disapproval of Warzone 2’s AI with Infinity Ward, but he claimed it fell on deaf ears.

Warzone 2 introduced several new features, but not all of the innovations hit their mark. Players labeled the new backpack system “garbage” because it significantly slowed down looting, forcing a methodical playstyle.

The battle royale sequel also introduced a new Gulag, featuring 2v2 combat. Community members have not liked pairing up with random teammates, and some want the original 1v1 Gulag back. And lastly, fans expressed concerns about the battle royale sequel’s AI presence.

Activision added AI bots spread around Al Mazrah, and players have questioned if they are too powerful. Including, TimTheTatman, whose frustrations boiled over after facing the full brunt of their ability in a Trios match.

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Warzone 2 OperatorsActivision
Warzone 2 added bots in Strongholds, and killing them earns loadouts.

TimTheTatman questions decision to include bots in Warzone 2

In TimTheTatman’s most recent YouTube video, he got a full taste of what the AI bots are capable of during a Trios match with Dr Disrespect and Zlaner.

Tim got downed by a bot, and then on his way out of the area in a truck, he almost got killed again, prompting him to say, “I just don’t get it. How do you think this is a good idea.” I’m in physical pain trying to fight these robots.”

Later in the match, Tim added, “I got sh** on by those bots. The fact that it got passed like this is a great idea really says it all.”

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Tim labeled the AI as “lasers,” and his biggest grip was the AI downing him as if they were real players. Zlaner added that the inconsistency of AI either being powerful or easily killable makes the feature frustrating.

The streamer attended CoD Next and had an early opportunity to play Warzone 2. He claimed he went to dinner with developers after the event and told them, “I don’t like the robots.”

Infinity Ward asked for feedback, and Tim didn’t hold back from expressing his feelings. Despite trying, his feedback didn’t make much of an impact on changing the feature.

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