TimTheTatman rages at Dr Disrespect fan after savage YouTube donation

Ryan Lemay
TimTheTatman and dr disrespect

A savage comment made by a Dr Dispespect fan targeting TimTheTatman sent the latter over the edge in a hilarious rant.

The Two Time recently made waves for blasting Warzone developers over Season 5s lackluster new event and complaining about the game’s sniper mechanics.

Despite disparaging remarks, Doc returned to Warzone with TimTheTatman as part of his Triple Threat Challenge. Tim recently roasted his fellow streaming star over playing Apex Legends, and Doc decided to enact some indirect revenge.

The pair has a long history of hilarious back-and-forth jabs, but this one may be up there with the best.

Dr Disrespect on stream
Dr Disrespect knew exactly what he was doing by provoking TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman lambasts Dr Disrespect fan

Dr Disprespect and TimTheTatman attempted a Triple Threat challenge on August 29, intending to earn duo wins in Warzone, Fortnite, and Valorant.

The first hurdle proved to be a significant roadblock, as the pair struggled to get a victory in Warzone. A rough loss and ruthless comment sent Tim over the deep end.

Doc pretended not to realize he had an unmuted mic and read aloud a donation roasting Tim.

The donator said, “Tim needs to focus less on lowering keys and more on lowering cholesterol.”

Tim responded, “I have never met someone named RJ, but from here on out, I don’t think I will like them. F**ck you, b**ch.”

Enraged, the streamer continued to compare the donator to the emoji with glasses and buck teeth. Doc poked the bear further by allegedly reading a chat message saying, “were you expecting a triple snack challenge?”

Putting no more effort into defending himself, Tim defeatedly responded, “it would be much easier than this f**king s*it.”

Doc got the last laugh on this occasion, but Tim is sure to make some sort of retort in the future.