TimTheTatman explodes in rage over 105-KD Warzone hacker: “You little f**k!”

James Busby. Last updated: Aug 06, 2021
TimTheTatman Warzone hacker rage

The hacking problem in Warzone has reached new heights in Season 4 and it appears Call of Duty content creator TimTheTatman has had enough. 

Warzone continues to be oversaturated with a never-ending horde of hackers, which makes playing the game incredibly frustrating. In fact, the vast majority of lobbies in Season 4 invariably have several cheaters running aimbots and wallhacks. 

Not only do these players ruin the competition in casual matches, but they also have crept into pro tournaments. Despite Activision targeting cheat websites and banning accounts, the video game publisher has remained eerily quiet on the game’s lackluster anti-cheat. 

Frustrations have certainly reached a boiling point within the Warzone community and it seems TimTheTatman couldn’t contain his anger anymore. 

TimTheTatman Warzone hacker rage

TimTheTatman Warzone
Tim couldn’t contain his anger over this Warzone hacker.

Warzone solos are incredibly tough at the best of times, but Tim decided to spectate the lobby after being eliminated during the early game. It obviously didn’t take long for the Twitch streamer to find a hacker. 

“Level 8 new account, this game is f***ing awful,” said Tim. First game of the day, the literal first game of the day. First one and I’m watching a cheater!” After spectating three games that all had hackers in them, it was clear Tim was getting increasingly agitated. 

The hacker in question didn’t even try to hide his cheats and he began to laser every player down with ease. Tim even found that the player had ludicrous 85 KD. “How is there not an automated system,” shouted the streamer.

“This guy has an 85 KD and there’s no anything! There’s no little red flag that says howdy guys, this guy has an 85 KD, maybe we should look into this one.” After spectating the hacker right to the end of the game, Tim had a few choice words to say to his opponent. 

“Hey f**k you WildPants, you hear me you little f**ck! I know you can hear me, I know you can. You’re so f***ing bad it literally pains me, it pained me to watch you,” yelled Tim. “I was in actual pain watching you play, you can’t even get up a ladder but you have a 100 KD. 

Nice f***ing automated system, dogs**t! You should feel bad yourself. I’d say get your money back, but it’s a free game. That account’s going to get banned, go make another one.”

After letting out his explosive rage, Tim began to laugh and proudly exclaimed that he felt better. Tim isn’t the only streamer who has voiced his frustrations at the game, with popular CoD content creators like NICKMERCS leaving the game in favor of other titles like Apex Legends. 

Quite when Activision will step up its efforts to deal with cheaters remain to be seen, but for now, the state of the game is at an all-time low.