Popular Warzone cheating site taken down as fans hope for hacking purge

warzone hack site taken down anti cheatActivision / pixabay

As Call of Duty: Warzone continues to deal with a plague of hackers, fans are excited by a glimmer of new hope: Activision have apparently shut down the website and Discord of a popular cheat website.

It is no secret that the Warzone community’s wishlist has one clear item at the top: anti-cheat. Dissatisfied with infrequent ban waves and the lack of a rigorous anti-cheat, players want the hacking situation dealt with.

And they may be getting their wish, as people noticed a popular hack website, “CrazyAim,” has completely vanished — Discord included. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but players are hoping it’s a sign of more to come.

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As noticed by accounts like CharlieIntel, CrazyAim’s entire site and Discord were seemingly taken down on August 4.

Warzone hacker site taken down

Cheating websites have been taken down in the past, but most simply come back with a new domain. The hope here is that, since the Discord was also shut down, there’s an extra layer of vigilance that will make it harder for the company to resume operations.

The situation also gained some visibility on Reddit, where many we’re glad to see progress — but ultimately worried not enough was being done.

The majority of responses don’t seem convinced that there is a massive purge of hacking websites incoming, but there is some hope. While most note that there are a ton of more sites to deal with, popular Warzone YouTuber JGOD replied to CI’s tweet a simple gif of dominos falling.

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Cheat sites have quickly bounced back in the past, but this is a bigger take-down effort than those dealt with — given the additional Discord shutdown. Until an effective anti-cheat is introduced, this is simply what players have to hope for.

If CrazyAim is the first domino to fall, then players hope it stays down and that the next targets are struck quickly. With streamers switching over to Apex Legends, this would be as good a time as any for Activision to bring their biggest hammer out.