Shopkeeper goes viral on TikTok for playing Warzone on the job

shopkeeper in argentina warzone player tiktok viral

An Argentinian shopkeep has gone viral on TikTok for playing Call of Duty: Warzone on the job.

Warzone-related content makes waves on TikTok every so often. Users on the social media platform have gone viral for miraculously dodging bullets, dominating with surprisingly powerful loadouts, and more.

And it’s clear Warzone players won’t soon cease sharing their victories and downfalls on the popular video-hosting service.

Sometimes, though, TikTokers also find it useful to showcase the other people’s triumphs, even if said triumphs involve running a game of Call of Duty during a busy workday.

Viral TikTok video shows Warzone player’s at-work setup

shopkeeper viral on tiktok for playing warzone at workA dedicated Warzone player demonstrates multitasking at its finest.

While shopping at a store in Argentina, TikTok user julianlivano met a worker who makes time for Call of Duty: Warzone in between serving patrons.

Julianlivano’s TikTok video shows a flatscreen TV suspended above the store counter, with Warzone’s Gunsmith Menu splayed across it.

The man running the store appears a little later, wearing a smile and a headset hanging around his neck. Before the TikToker cuts the video, the shopkeeper quickly shows off the notepad he uses for keeping track of his favorite loadouts.

There were several people crowded around the television watching and engaging with the Warzone player.

As such, it seems no one minds the cashier in their local store finishing off a round in Call of Duty before tending to their shopping needs.

At the time of writing, nearly 430,000 people have already watched the viral Call of Duty: Warzone video on TikTok.

Because the video’s currently making the rounds on Reddit, the number of viewers will undoubtedly continue to climb.