Swagg lashes out at Warzone 2 players telling him to “adapt” to new changes

Warzone 2 SwaggActivision / YouTube: Swagg

Swagg is largely enjoying his time in the opening week of Warzone 2 but a particular group of players online is getting on his nerves as they claim he just needs to “adapt” to certain mechanical changes.

With Warzone 2 now live for players around the globe, millions are getting their hands on the CoD BR sequel and acclimating to the new experience. From the enormity of Al Mazrah to movement changes and fundamental features having been stripped, there’s a great deal for everyone to wrap their head around.

For some, the adjustment has been smoother than others. Swagg, for instance, has mostly been “loving” his time in the new iteration of Warzone, though a few particular gripes have stood out in the early hours. His “biggest” issue as it stands today centers around armor system changes.

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In the original Warzone, players could sprint at full speed while equipping fresh armor plates and getting their health back. In Warzone 2, that’s no longer possible. Committing to the ‘armor up’ animation now slows your Operator to walking speed.

“There is no possible way to win a fight if a guy sneaks up on you and knocks your armor,” Swagg explained in a November 17 tweet. “Biggest thing is not being able to run and plate up.”

Before long, a number of replies to this specific post got on Swagg’s nerves. Multiple players were claiming he simply had to “adapt” to this new change in Warzone 2: “Stop crying. Adapt to the new game instead of complaining. Learn the skill gap.”

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Booting up his stream, Swagg was quick to address this backlash before even dropping into a match.

“I feel like it’s the same group that calls every streamer a cheater, the same hateful fanbase.” He claims this part of the community explodes with negativity in the replies regardless of how major or minor his criticism might be.

“I tweeted today how I think they should make it so that you can plate up and be able to run at the same time. I tweeted that and all I got today was ‘just adapt.

“Some guy was like ‘I’m winning my gunfights just fine by staying stationary.’ Bro I was mindblown. ‘Just adapt,’ that should be our motto. Watch the replies bro, they’re insane. ‘All the streamers are ass. Just adapt.’”

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Repeating it over and over, the phrase ‘just adapt’ soon become a joke in his own YouTube chat, with thousands of viewers spamming it throughout the rest of the broadcast. A few hours in, Swagg even changed his stream title to include ‘just adapt.’

Ultimately, not being able to move swiftly while under fire is his primary concern. Beyond that, the new Warzone experience is already off to a great start in his eyes.

“I love the map, I love the vibe of Warzone 2, it’s just the little things. There’s so much potential. They’re like one or two updates away from making this game phenomenal.”

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