Shroud reveals his best attachments for new RAM-7 weapon in Modern Warfare

Bill Cooney. Last updated: Dec 07, 2019

Streaming star Michael ‘Shroud‘ Grzesiek tried out the new RAM 7 weapon in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and shared his thoughts on the best attachments for the new assault rifle.

The RAM 7 is unlocked at rank 31 in the new Modern Warfare Season One Battle Pass, which came out on December 3.

A bullpup-style rifle, the RAM 7 is smaller than its Battle Pass counterpart the Holger-26 (which Shroud also reviewed) and definitely seems worth the grind to unlock.

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Shroud definitely seemed to like the look of the weapon when he first unlocked it with the Battle Pass, even though it was the white “Corrupter” variant skin and not the base model.

“Whoo-hoo hoo look at how sick that thing is,” Shroud said as he gazed upon the new gun. “Look at my character bro, tell me I don’t look insane.”

Aesthetics aside the RAM 7 also seems to be capable of racking up the kills – at least in the hands of Shroud, and the pro shared some of his thoughts on various attachments for the weapon as he played.

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“The skin I’m going to keep because it looks insane, but something tells me I’m going to need to customize this weapon, obviously for my own playstyle,” the former CS:GO pro said. “These blueprints aren’t always the best, you kind of need to tweak them.”

“I don’t like the sight, not a big fan of the sight, the holo is kind of meh,” shroud said, before switching to iron sights for the weapon. “The (holo) sight doesn’t give you enough peripheral vision.”

Picking a barrel for the RAM 7 that fits your playstyle is also key when using the weapon, the streamer revealed.

“The problem with the short barrel is that the ADS (aiming down sight) speed is nice, but the bullet velocity is not nice,” Shroud explained.


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Apart from running through what is undoubtedly the coolest-looking gun in Season One, Shroud also gave a word of advice to players still on the fence about whether or not to get the Battle Pass.

“Usually a Battle Pass is for someone who really really really plays the game a lot, you know?” he said. “If you’re playing the game a lot why not? Might as well.”

The Modern Warfare Battle Pass also includes the Holger-26, the other new weapon heading to the latest iteration of Call of Duty. The Holger unlocks at rank 15 and the RAM 7 at rank 31, so get grinding.