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Shroud gives his verdict on new Holger-26 LMG in Modern Warfare Season 1

Published: 6/Dec/2019 1:08

by Isaac McIntyre


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has revealed his thoughts on Modern Warfare’s new Season 1 light machine gun, the Holger-26, and explained how he thinks players could get the most out of the “satisfying” new weapon.

Modern Warfare’s first seasonal release marked the biggest post-release content drop ever seen in Call of Duty, and with it came the first two guns to be added to the game: the RAM-7 assault rifle and Holger-26 light machine gun.

These weapons, which are available to all players for free once they level up their seasonal Battle Pass, have already taken over a handful of multiplayer playlists as players, including Mixer star shroud, try to get their eye in with the new additions.


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After playing on the newly added return to fan-favorite map Crash, and diving into a series of huge battles in Ground War, the former CSGO professional has delivered his thoughts on the new LMG, and they’re not exactly positive.

“It’s got a lot of recoil, but it shreds… it looks so fucking cool, I love the AK-style look,” shroud said, and added that he loved the clip size. “This gun has a lot of bullets, this is a Ground War type of gun. It has so many bullets!”

Infinity WardShroud says he isn’t sure how to feel about Season 1’s Holger-26.

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Like all weapons in the Call of Duty franchise, however, the Holger-26 seems to suffer when not fully decked-out with the dozens of attachments available in Modern Warfare, and shroud noticed a definite drop in quality on the ‘naked’ LMG.


“Oh my god, this gun is kind of ass [without attachments],” the Mixer star said after failing to claim a double-kill despite getting the drop on his opponents. “I’m really hoping his gun has some good attachments, because it’s pretty bad without them.”

The other four LMGs currently in Modern Warfare all see a significant power-spike once dialed up with optics, stocks, and extended mags, so shroud made sure to check back in with the Holger once he’d grabbed a few of the unlocks.

Infinity WardModern Warfare Season One, which includes the Holger, brought with it one of the biggest content drops in franchise history.

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Unfortunately, he still seemed to struggle with the weapon, and suggested that he might have to wait until he had some of the “better” choices to load the LMG up with before he truly damned the “kind of ass” gun to gather dust in the vault.


“This is pretty good… wait, it’s kind of ass, to be honest,” the streamer flip-flopped as he battled through looming tanks, and high-stakes helicopter escapes in a player-loaded Ground War playlist armed with the light machine gun.

“This gun could be good, I think, if you get the level 49 laser, which I’d say is a really good laser. The sights are kind of meh, but you could add the viper to it, and I think that would be really good. The irons are poo-poo.”

“This gun might be fun once I kit it, it looks kind of fun already. Just hold and bounce dude, I was spraying people down, that’s funny. Even the noise is really satisfying.”


Segment begins at 4:48 mark for mobile users.

While Mixer’s human aimbot may not be completely sold on the Holger, that’s not to say that other players might not enjoy the bullet-loaded machine gun, so make sure you jump into a game with it once you unlock it at Tier 15 on the Battle Pass.

There’s also plenty of other new things to unlock in the game’s first season, including watches, experience tokens, player cards, emblems, knife skins, and more, so players better get cracking if they want to earn all of Season 1’s new goodies.