Shroud explains why Warzone aim assist debate “doesn’t matter” anymore

Brad Norton
Warzone gameplay / shroud streaming

The debate surrounding Warzone’s aim assist across both console and PC isn’t a big deal at all in the eyes of FPS sensation Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek.

Aim assist has long been a controversial talking point in the competitive gaming landscape. From Fortnite to Apex Legends and plenty more, many battle royale titles often come under fire for the feature. More often than not, developers are looking for ways to strike a balance across platforms.

While some games keep lobbies separated, others mix in players from across the board. Infinity Ward’s take on the genre brings console players into the fray against PC gamers. Though there is an option to disable the cross-platform functionality if you desire.

Does one have an advantage over the other? Is aim assist more favorable for those using controller? How can a mouse & keyboard compete? Well, one of the sharpest aimers in the world believes these questions don’t matter at all in Warzone.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay
Aiming with pistols in Warzone is far more difficult on PC, according to shroud.

The topic was brought up in the midst of an August 19 Twitch stream with shroud and Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar. The two were battling through Verdansk as a formidable duo just days after shroud abandoned the game due to hackers. While dropping into the pre-game instance with a random loadout, shroud was given a pistol. This weapon is what kicked off the conversation.

“Using a pistol like people do on controller is insane,” shroud said. “It’s so easy on a controller and it’s so hard to [use] pistols on PC.” These secondary guns require the utmost precision, yet deal the least damage of any gun in the game. “On PC, sniping is easier,” he admitted. “For pistols, console is easier. Everything in between is pretty well balanced for the most part.”

It’s this state of balance – excluding pistols and snipers – that leads shroud to believe that aim assist isn’t a big deal in Warzone. “Having the controller vs PC arguments in this game just doesn’t matter.” Instead, he believes there’s a far more important issue that impacts gunfights.

“It’s f***ing CoD bro, we’re running on dogs*** servers. No offense to CoD, I understand having 150 people on this size of a map is very hard.” With mostly balanced aim assist across input devices, it’s server quality that impacts the game more than anything, according to the former Counter-Strike phenom.

The relevant topic begins at the 2:18 mark below.

“Using an SMG, an LMG, a Rifle, those are pretty well balanced,” he reaffirmed. Pistols and snipers are the only weapon types that impact the status quo in shroud’s eyes.

Perhaps his comments will lead to a future update to address these in particular. Though, with the full reveal of Black Ops Cold War just days away, any major changes to Warzone may be held back for the new release at this point.

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