Shroud quits Warzone after being killed by a blatant hacker

shroud next to Warzone figure firingInfinity Ward/Twitch: shroud

Ex-CS:GO pro turned full-time streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was left frustrated after being killed by a Warzone cheater, as many players continue to call on Infinity Ward and Activision to do more. 

In a game with over 75 million players, there were bound to be a few who want to cheat. However, many Warzone players argue it is more than a few, and that cheating is one of the biggest issues facing CoD’s second battle royale.

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Many have also criticized the response of Infinity Ward and Activision, after they posted a statement which appeared to be asking those cheating to simply stop.

Needless to say, cheating has continued – some argue worse than ever – and, on August 15, shroud grew frustrated after encountering a hacker in his solo match of Warzone.

Shroud smiles into the camera with his new goatee.Twitch: Shroud
Shroud returned to Twitch on August 12 following the shutdown of his old platform Mixer.

Near the Superstore area of Verdansk, shroud was lasered and eliminated by an unseen enemy using a floor-loot RAM-7. This was the first clue that something illicit was occurring as the RAM-7’s recoil is significant, especially with no attachments.

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Initially, shroud was impressed by the skills on display by his opponent. That is, until a couple more swift eliminations made it clear that the player was cheating.

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“Holy sh*t! Can I watch that guy?” he said, after seeing the enemy killcam. “Holy f**k, I wanna watch that guy… This guy’s incredible – oh never mind – he’s f**king cheating! I’m done. I’m done, I’m done, I’m done.”

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He quickly exited Warzone and moved on with his stream, another sign that the battle royale’s hacking situation is detrimental to its popularity with players. There are, after all, few things as annoying as dying to a hacker.

It was an unfortunate end to shroud’s time on Warzone but he, like many others, simply wants to see more done to combat the cheaters.

In any game as big as Warzone hackers are almost inevitable. The frequency with which players meet them, however, is one thing many argue needs to be improved.

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