Warzone CoD 2020 easter egg teasers: All clues, new codes and locations

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Activision’s Warzone easter egg hunt for Call of Duty 2020 has finally been solved, with six days of teasers and ciphers culminating in a secret trailer that confirms Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as the franchise’s next title and reveals its worldwide unveiling on August 26 in Warzone.

Infinity Ward’s time in the sun with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone appears close to an end, but they’ve started drumming up hype for Treyarch and Raven Software’s Black Ops Cold War across Verdansk. 

With a teaser website, Pawn Takes Pawn, social media activity from Treyarch, and a ridiculous amount of clues within Warzone, the CoD community began unlocking bunkers and rooms, assembling codes, and deciphering what is a six-day easter egg hunt.

call of duty 2020 warzone easter egg hunt
The “TV” page of PawnTakesPawn lets players watch a tape of that day’s news montage, revealing various clues.

The Cold War teaser rumors began back in May 2020, as players opened up Bunker 11 and discovered various information and a nuke inside. Then, Pawn Takes Pawn emerged following some “know your history” in-game teasers and players, using the EMC2 web page, have discovered that this hunt would last six days. 

ActivisionOnce each day’s hunt is discovered, the EMC2 page updates by crossing the day out, revealing the next day’s date, and knocking down one of the six pawns.

Each day begins with a video on the website that gives a code and coordinates to access a new location in Warzone, which reveal easter eggs and clues to other ciphers.

Each of the preceding videos are also updated to feature new codes whose purposes are unclear. Once every clue is discovered, the EMC2 page updates, crossing the day out and revealing the next day’s date. With Day 6 completed, here’s everything we know so far and what to expect moving forward.

Day 1, August 14: Farmhouse room, ciphers, 1961-62

On Day 1, players figured out the general process for the hunt and used the VHS player’s information to determine that a secret room in Farmhouse (near “H6” on the Warzone map) could be opened with the code “49285163.”

Once inside, they discovered a variety of files and documents depicting an assortment of puzzles — including a venona cipher. These documents set the stage for future clues.

Day 2, August 15: Bunker 3, secret elevator, 1968-69

On Day 2, players used the “B5” coordinates to access the underground Bunker 3 near Boneyard, using the “87624851” code to unlock and explore its depths.

Once inside, the community found a bust of Vladimir Lenin, more documents, and an inaccessible elevator with — suggesting the possibility that later clues will let players go even further into Verdansk’s subterranea. 

But that wasn’t enough for Day 2 to get crossed off on EMC2, so they looked back at Day 1’s VHS tape and realized new codes were revealed there, successfully completing the day’s hunt.

Day 3, August 16: Prison shed, RC-XD car, 1972-73

On Day 3, the community quickly identified “H8” as a small shed between Prison and Port before using the “7294853” code to unlock and enter.

Once inside, various clues were discovered among the miscellaneous files scattered around. One intriguing discovery was a half-built RC-XD car, a classic killstreak found in Treyarch’s Black Ops titles. After noting all of the codes within the shed as well as each of the former days’ new numbers, the day was crossed off.

Day 4, August 17: Bunker 1, more RC-XD parts, 1977-78

On Day 4, players almost immediately realized that B7 corresponded with Bunker 1 near the bottom left of the map, by the racetrack. Using the code 97264138 allowed players to get inside.

The interior of the bunker is a bit boring compared to the others, however, there are still a few interesting things. For one, the tires and front bumper for the RC-XD found in the Prison Shed on Day 3 were found in this bunker. In addition, there’s yet another mysterious elevator which, like the one found on Day 2, is currently inoperable.

Day 5, August 18: TV Station shack, 1979

The fifth day of this clue hunt sent players to a previously-inaccessible shack near TV Station in the F4 grid square, which can now be opened using the combination 27495810.

Much like the other bunkers, this shack is filled with various files, documents, maps, and clocks, all of which strongly give that 1970s-80s Cold War vibe.

Day 6, August 19: Bunker 10, Black Ops Cold War, 1981

According to the EMC2 page, Day 6 was the final day of the easter egg hunt. And the highly anticipated day did not disappoint, as players went to the coordinates F8 to access Bunker 10, using the code 602745143, and discovered a nuke waiting to be launched.

Subsequently, streamers like Geeky Pastimes and NoahJ456 put in work, alongside a huge effort from the community, to decipher all of the codes and puzzles that had been assembled. With all of that information solved, they were able to discover an unlisted Call of Duty YouTube video that contains a trailer confirming Black Ops Cold War as the next game’s title and an update that the next reveal for the game will take place in Warzone on August 26.

The YouTube video suggests a “worldwide reveal,” but what that means is undetermined. Several elevators remain unopened in the bunkers, the nuke remains waiting, and no one knows how a reveal can play out in-game.

Looking forward, everyone is going to want to tune into Warzone on August 26 to find out exactly what is happening next.

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