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CoD YouTubers reveal surprising results from Modern Warfare SBMM tests

Published: 20/Nov/2019 0:22

by Albert Petrosyan


Skill-based matchmaking has become a very hot topic in the Call of Duty community, so popular YouTubers Drift0r and TheXclusiveAce have conducted in-game tests to determine whether or not it’s the way matchmaking has been set up in Modern Warfare.

Skill-based matchmaking took center stage in the CoD community way back when Modern Warfare was still in beta, after apparent evidence surfaced that developers Infinity Ward had implemented it into their 2019 title.

No one really knows whether or not this is the case, but with Infinity Ward sharing no details about how matchmaking works, more and more players are becoming convinced SBMM definitely exists.

With this in mind, longtime CoD YouTubers Drift0r and TheXclusiveAce performed some in-game tests to get to the bottom of this issue, compiling all of the data that they collected into an online file that’s available for everyone to see.

ActivisionInfinity Ward have revealed almost no details about how matchmaking works in Modern Warfare.

What kind of in-game tests were performed?

Both Drift0r and TheXclusiveAce used three separate accounts, one with lower-end stats and K/D ratio, one towards the average, and one higher than normal, and in Drift0r’s case, extremely high.

They loaded into five separate matches using each of their three accounts and took down information about everyone else in the lobby, including stats like their levels, K/D ratios, win-loss record, score per minute, and more.

That means the YouTubers had a combined 30 lobbies-worth of data to use in determining whether or not SBMM is the primary device used in Modern Warfare matchmaking.

Infinity WardSome players are convinced full SBMM exists in Modern Warfare, although the YouTubers’ tests seem to indicate it doesn’t.


What conclusions did they come to?

Here is a breakdown of everything the two were able to conclude based on the data they collected from their tests:

  • Skill-based matchmaking is NOT the primary matchmaking system used in Modern Warfare, which prioritizes connection to the best server.
  • Players with higher stats like K/D ratio, win-loss record, and more do not necessarily always match together.
  • Matchmaking seems to heavily match together players with similar ranks and levels.
  • It appears that, in some cases, players are matched up based on recent performances, but not their overall lifetime stats. Tests indicate that this is based on players’ performances over their last five games.
  • Although a full SBMM system does not appear to be present, there seems to be a matchmaking rating (MMR) that helps determine which players should be match up.

You can watch both YouTubers’ videos explaining their tests and results below:

So, what does this mean?

Contrary to what a lot of players believe, the results from these tests indicate there is no full skill-based matchmaking system present in Modern Warfare.

That said, both YouTubers did conclude there seems to be some sort of MMR system in place that plays a role in determining which players get put in the same lobbies, so it’s not entirely connection-based.

At the end of the day, until Infinity Ward themselves reveal how matchmaking works in Modern Warfare, no one will be able to say with 100% whether or not there is SBMM, or how strong it is.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War devs discussing changes to “overpowered” Flak Jacket

Published: 27/Nov/2020 23:23

by Tanner Pierce


Ever since launch, Black Ops Cold War fans have been complaining about how overpowered the Flak Jacket perk is. Now, after tons of fans have posted videos of them surviving things that they should not have, Treyarch appear to be discussing adjustments.

Flak Jacket, which provides resistance to explosive damage, has been in Call of Duty games for a while now. While the perk has been around since the World at War days, it always provided a marginal resistance to explosive damage, in order to make sure that the game is properly balanced. Now, with Black Ops Cold War, that seems to be very different as players are casually surviving serious explosive damage.

Gamers have been reporting for a while now that the Flak Jacket perk in the game is just too powerful and that it provides too much resistance. With the complaints mounting, it seems like the developers might finally do something about it, as evidenced by a comment on Reddit.

Treyarch Community Manager Josh Torres appears to say that there has been a discussion at Treyarch about Flak Jacket.

In a post detailing a change that someone would like made to Flak Jacket, Treyarch Community Manager Josh Torres said that “there was actually a discussion about this yesterday.” Although he didn’t elaborate further, it appears that the team is aware of the issue even if they don’t have a timeline for any changes yet.

This comes after a week of videos from fans detailing just how absurd the perk is. Some of the videos are tame enough, with some people spraying explosives to no avail, while others are more surprising, showing direct impacts on players with RPG’s with negligible impact.

RPG and CIGMA vs. FLAK JACKET from blackopscoldwar


Another video, which is appropriately titled “I think Flak Jacket might be a little too strong,” even shows a player with Flak Jacket getting hit by a Cruise Missile (yes, the scorestreak) and surviving, seemingly because of the perk.

Granted, it took out most of his health, but the fact that a scorestreak which is supposed to take out a few players at a time didn’t even take out one with a near-direct hit is borderline shocking.

I think Flak Jacket might be a little too strong from blackopscoldwar

Most fans agree that the perk is broken, with one person on Reddit flat out saying that it is “overpowered.” Another commenter in a different post called it “the most OP perk in COD history,” which is a bold claim to make considering the controversial One Man Army perk existed back in the day.

Regardless, it seems like the community is hoping for a major overhaul of the perk. It’s hard to defend being able to survive a direct impact from an RPG, so Treyarch appear to be looking for solutions.