Rated gobsmacked after Warzone wallhacks appear during his stream

Warzone Rated wallhacksActivision / 100 Thieves

One of Warzone’s most experienced players, Rhys ‘Rated’ Price, was left speechless after Call of Duty wallhacks randomly appeared on his screen in the middle of a battle royale game in his most recent Twitch stream.

As a former CoD pro and now one of Warzone’s highest-earning stars, Rated has seen and done just about everything. At least, that was the case until his most recent Twitch stream.

After days of grueling competitions and even back to back event wins, Rated finally had a casual day ahead of him.

Switching on his broadcast, he was in store for a casual session until his account was hit by what appeared to be a bizarre hack: seemingly out of nowhere, the Warzone pro was able to see enemies through walls. Cruising overhead in his chopper, he noticed a bright red outline in the building below.

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Much to the surprise of everyone watching along, and even Rated himself, wallhacks seemed to be in full effect.

“I’m f***ing cheating,” he repeated. “What the f*** is this?” In a matter of seconds, he was able to drop onto the roof and beam down the nearby enemy. All the while, Rated could see their every move through the walls between them.

This wallhack appeared early into the match and again closer towards the end. Upon the second sighting of a ‘free kill’ Rated even joked that he was going to “get canceled”. He continued yelling as his teammate began questioning what he meant: “This guy’s red on my screen!”

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While he had a ridiculous amount of information on this target, was Rated actually given a boost by hackers? Or was this simply a rare Warzone bug?

While nothing is concrete, it certainly appears to be the latter. As far back as April, players have reported a similar bug impacting their games.

After a glitch in the gulag, players remain outlined when back in Verdansk. This outline is only supposed to show as the Gulag countdown ticks away. However, this bug causes it to stick with the player for the rest of the match. It’s likely what caused Rated to notice the same red outline on players in his lobby.

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Upon dropping into the gulag earlier in the match, he was instantly handed a win. This bug then caused his opponent to reemerge in Verdansk with his body highlighted through walls.

It’s an extremely rare issue, hence why all three experienced pros in the lobby were left dumbfounded. Fortunately, it does mean there’s absolutely no risk of Rated’s account being flagged for a ban or suspension in the near future.

Let’s just hope this ‘wallhack’ glitch doesn’t appear mid-tournament; there’s no doubting it would raise a few eyebrows!