Warzone player gets ultimate revenge vs hacker with ‘anti-cheat’ loadout

Joe Craven
Warzone Riot Shield with logo

A Warzone player used a genius ‘anti-cheat’ loadout to overcome a prolific hacker on a thirty-kill-streak, showing how players can get past those cheating to get ahead. 

Any player with more than a few Warzone matches under their belt is bound to have encountered a hacker. As Raven and Activision continue to flounder against the cheating problems, players continue to lobby them for a comprehensive and exhaustive anti-cheat system.

From wall-hacks to Cronus Zens and ‘soft aimbots’,  cheating is all to easy for those wanting to do it. Unfortunately, if a hacker gets you in their sights, your options are limited.

warzone glitch enemy hurt self bug
Warzone can be fun when you don’t have hackers or stream snipers involved.

One player though, Redditor ‘SyN7W‘, showed a way to overcome hackers, even if it means making major changes to your loadout and play-style.

After being killed by an unseen enemy from some distance away – an experience that will be all too familiar to most Warzone players – the Redditor respawned after winning their Gulag. Using a loadout drop, they grabbed a Riot Shield class and headed to the hacker’s location.

Once up close and personal with the hacker, the player uses the shield to block the bullets and, when the cheater is reloading, lays into them with Thermites and Stuns. It works a treat, with the Riot Shield preventing the hacker’s unerring shots from dealing damage and an accurate Thermite eliminating the cheater. It’s a wholly satisfying moment to witness.

It’s a sign of Warzone’s hacking problems that players are driven to such extreme lengths to try and overcome hackers but, if it eliminates them and prevents them from winning, it’s probably worth it from time to time.

One Redditor frustratingly said: “The fact that people now have a cheater class in their loadouts, myself included, speaks volumes about the state of this game.”

Hopefully, changes will come from Activision that mean anti-cheat loadouts will soon be unnecessary.

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