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Bizarre Warzone glitch highlights players returning from Gulag

Published: 5/Apr/2021 12:59

by Jacob Hale


A strange Warzone glitch is basically giving players wallhacks after returning from the gulag, but it’s not exactly the easiest to take advantage of.

Warzone is no stranger to weird glitches and bugs. The invisibility glitch arrived in Verdansk once again thanks to the brief return of turrets on helicopters. There have also been countless iterations of the stim glitch, wall breaches, ‘demon’ guns and more.

All that is to say that, at this point, it really looks like anything is possible. There used to even be a bug where getting a live ping on someone in the pre-game lobby could last the duration of their life in the match.


Now, this glitch is leaving players fully highlighted when they drop in, visible in bright red through walls and across the map.

Warzone nuketown gulag
Winning your gulag is one thing, but leaving it with wallhacks is another.

Accidental Warzone wallhacks glitch

This has been showcased by donats91 on Reddit, who posted a video of the bizarre wall hack.

The opponent was lit up in bright red only for donats, with his teammates confirming there was nothing strange about the enemy player.

Donats himself sounded exasperated by what was going on, so we can’t imagine what the other player was thinking at the time. They did kill him in the end, but it wasn’t without some empathy from the prevailing squad.


Wild Wall Hack Glitch Happened to Me from r/CODWarzone

How the glitch happened

In a comment posted in the Reddit thread, donats explained what he believed to have been the issue.

He said: “Basically my friend had a Most Wanted and I was ready to face a guy in the gulag. He won right as me and the guy were about to start moving. That red outline that you get on your opponent at the beginning of the gulag will stay on that player (since he’s released also) until he dies.”

So this isn’t something that could be easily replicated, but it’s definitely a bug Raven Software will want to look into and get fixed.