Dr Disrespect gives honest verdict on CoD Vanguard & Warzone gameplay

Dr Disrespect, Activision

During the Call of Duty: Vanguard showcase at Gamescom, Dr Disrespect had a lot of positives to say about Sledgehammer Games and their future release. 

Being the world’s largest yearly gaming event, Gamescom showcases a wide variety of titles. From the latest Call of Duty to Devolver Digital’s newest indie release, the event covers just about every game option someone would be interested in.

The lead developers at Sledgehammer Games put together a showcase of Call of Duty: Vanguard gameplay for the event, and Dr Disrespect wasn’t shy about sharing his opinions on it during the reveal.

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Sledgehammer Games has released the official release date of Call of Duty: Vanguard – November 5, 2021

Dr Disrepect gives his take on Vanguard

Doc streamed along with the showcase, broadcasting his opinions on games including Halo: Infinite, Vanguard, and a few other lesser-known titles.

When Gamescom started interviewing two employees of Sledgehammer Games, Doc mentioned how great their sound engineering team was for past releases.

Once the showcase video began to show what looked like a WW2 version of downtown Verdansk, Doc perked up and said: “Wait, is this a little bit of.. is this a glimpse of Warzone?”

“The details in that vista in the background look pretty good,” Doc explained. As the video continued a shootout began in front of a building, which made the Two-Time perk up and scream: “WARZONE!!”

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As the battle continued in the video, Doc discussed the quality of the cutscene, in which he states: “This is the BR I’ve been looking forward to, and look at it… Sledgehammer Games is knocking it out of the park!”

(check out his Vanguard reactions about 2 hours in)

Now that we know Dr Disrespect likes what he sees so far, we can’t wait to see who he teams up with when the game launches on November 5 2021.