Warzone Quads World Record smashed by Vikkstar and Atlanta FaZe

Infinity Ward/CDL

The 121 kill World Record for Warzone Quads has been smashed by Vikram ‘Vikkstar123’ Singh Barn and three members of the Call of Duty League’s Atlanta FaZe roster. 

It seems that while CDL Seattle is still ongoing, a number of the Atlanta FaZe roster are investing time into Warzone, Call of Duty’s sophomore battle royale effort.

While the existing Quads World Record was already mind-blowing at 121 kills, it was absolutely smashed on May 23. Vikkstar, Cellium, Priestahh and ABeZy put together 138 kills as a squad — beating the existing kill record by an incredible 17.

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Infinity Ward
Warzone’s squads have seen some truly mind-blowing numbers.

The squad shared their efforts late on May 23, with all of them tweeting that they’d smashed the existing world record. Combining for over 43,000 total damage, the group amassed 138 kills in a lobby of 135 players.

The final totals saw Cellium rack up 36 kills, Vikkstar got 35, ABeZy 32, and Priestahh 35. Despite the game initially having the kill total down as 137, it added a kill at the end to take the total to 138, 17 higher than the existing record set by a host of Modern Warfare content creators.

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The staggering achievement saw them actually kill more players than started in the lobby — the Gulag feature and the ability to buy fallen teammates back allows players to be killed more than once.

Unfortunately, none of the squad seemed to have been streaming at the time. Despite not being involved in the ongoing CDL Seattle, Call of Duty League rules prohibit players from streaming while their own tournament is ongoing. Thankfully, Vikkstar has uploaded the full gameplay to YouTube.

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It is even more impressive to consider the squads’ achievement when factoring in geography. Vikkstar, who is based in England, was playing the entire game on US servers, meaning his connection will have been tenuous at best.

The fact he dropped 35 kills while playing on US servers, paired with his three consecutive Warzone Wednesday wins, cements his standing as one of the world’s best Warzone players.

You can check out the full list of Warzone kill world records here.

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