Pay-to-win Warzone exploit lets you keep your full loadout after death

Warzone gameplayActivision

The latest game-breaking Warzone exploit completely alters the pace of the CoD battle royale as players have figured out a way to respawn with their full loadouts after dying.

Another day, another new bug impacting the state of Warzone. Outside of the odd visual glitch or map-related problem, a number of gameplay issues have also risen to the surface in recent weeks.

The latest happens to interfere with one of the core pillars of the battle royale experience. Getting your loadout in Warzone has always been something you have to earn. Whether it’s paying through a Buy Station or fighting to a random drop spot on the map, there’s always a process.

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If you die, you have to start from scratch and track down another loadout by any means. At least, that’s how things worked up until the launch of Caldera.

Warzone gameplayActivision
Your entire squad can keep loadouts through to the very end with this glitch.

A game-changing exploit has been uncovered on the new Warzone map – one that bypasses the need to earn a loadout. Even after dying and respawning, there’s now a way to keep your strongest weapons in-hand.

Just by having the right Lethal Equipment equipped, players are able to break Warzone. Dexerto can confirm premium Throwing Knives are the key behind this new exploit.

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Using either the electric or flaming variant ensures your loadout sticks between lives. No matter what weapons or perks you happen to be using, you’re able to keep them after dying.

This means you can stockpile cash after the first loadout, and even drop right back into the action after respawning. There’s no need to hunt down contracts or land in a hot location to fight for another set of elite guns.

Warzone gameplayActivision
Special Throwing Knives only available in premium bundles are the trick behind this exploit.

Given how easy this exploit is to enable, it’s safe to expect just about everyone to have Throwing Knives equipped moving forward.

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Developers are yet to issue a response and this particular glitch isn’t yet tracked on the official Warzone Trello board. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if that changes anytime soon.

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