Team Aydan wins big in NYSL’s $50K WarzoneMania tournament: Full results

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WarzoneMania just returned for third year in a row as the Call of Duty League’s New York Subliners put $50,000 on the line for another major tournament. Team Aydan came out on top when all was said and done on the first day of action and Day 2 saw multiple teams finish in the money. Here’s a full breakdown of all there is to know.

  • Team Aydan finish first on Day 1.
  • $50,000 prize pool split across two days of action.
  • Unique formats across both days.

WarzoneMania, one of the most recognizable events on the CoD BR calendar each year, finally made its return in 2022. 

Having started in 2020 with $100,000 up for grabs, followed by a second round in 2021, WarzoneMania has become a staple tournament in the scene. With all the most accomplished pros and established personalities lining up to compete once again, the third outing was just as exciting.

With both days of action now in the books, we’ve got you covered with a full rundown of how NYSL’s latest WarzoneMania event unfolded.

NYSL $50K WarzoneMania event: Day 1 Results

Placement Team Kills Points Prize
1st Aydan, zSmit, MissSweets, GorgoKnight 128 229 $7,000
2nd JoeWo, bbreadman, Emsage, Hmay 103 155.5 $5,000
3rd Swagg, Swishem, DiazBiffle, Booya 108 155 $4,000
4th UnRationaL, ScummN, HusKerrs, iSmixie 75 125 $3,000
5th Jukeyz, HisokaT42, realskullface49, Winterellas 72 116 $2,000
6th JDeviseFB, UncivilQueen, Legendary117S, Sodzex 61 89 $1,000
7th BrittneyRaines, SuperEvan, Fifakill, Stukawaki 44 65 $1,000
8th ZLaner, Nadia, WarsZ, OakleyBoiii 48 59 $1,000
9th MuTeX, Apathy, QueenShadows, JezuzJ2 38 45 $1,000

NYSL $50K WarzoneMania event: Day 2 Results

Round Winning Team Prize
1 Aydan, zSmit, MissSweets, GorgoKnight $5,000
2 UnRationaL, ScummN, HusKerrs, iSmixie $5,000
3 UnRationaL, ScummN, HusKerrs, iSmixie $5,000
4 Blazt, Slacked, Intechs, HeyLovely $5,000
5 Flxnked, Cely, HaddyzJR, Lenun $5,000

NYSL $50K WarzoneMania event: Streams & Schedule

The latest WarzoneMania tournament took place across two days. Action kicked off on Monday, May 2 with the event then coming to a close on Tuesday, May 3

Previous WarzoneMania events have been streamed direct from the Subliners Twitch channel, and this time around, things were no different for the third iteration.

NYSL $50K WarzoneMania event: Format

Similar to last year’s tournament, the 2022 WarzoneMania event was split across two days. This time around, however, each day featured a unique format and featured $25K of the full prize.

18 squads dropped in to compete, with teams being split into two groups of nine. On Day 1, these squads competed in custom lobbies, fighting for both kills and higher placements to build up their point total.

The top four squads from each group then advanced to the Finals where they had a chance to earn some cash.

WarzoneMania formats
The third WarzoneMania event featured two unique formats.

On Day 2, things got a bit simpler. Custom lobbies were still in focus, though this time, each game was ‘winner takes all,’ with $5,000 handed to the last surviving team in each private match.

NYSL $50K WarzoneMania event: Players & Teams

With 72 players dropping into the third WarzoneMania event, a wide range of Warzone’s top stars were all lining up to compete.

Below is a full look at every squad across both groups, with captains highlighted.

Group A Group B
Swagg, Swishem, DiazBiffle, Booya Flxnked, Cely, HaddyzJR, Lenun
FiveByFive, Dill, FinessenTV, Nickool ShawnJGaming, JaredFPS, Drakota, Bloo
Jukeyz, HisokaT42, realskullface49, Winterellas JDeviseFB, UncivilQueen, Legendary117S, Sodzex
Almond, Tommey, Newbz, KenzRosey MuTeX, Apathy, QueenShadows, JezuzJ2
ZLaner, Nadia, WarsZ, OakleyBoiii UnRationaL, ScummN, HusKerrs, iSmixie
JessieCooks, exzachtt, ForeignJase, braalik ItsEyeQew, PicNickBasket, BasedGodXenon, Pinkuhfy
Rated, Mayappo, Ottereyes, QueenBitty Blazt, Slacked, Intechs, HeyLovely
Aydan, zSmit, MissSweets, GorgoKnight JoeWo, bbreadman, Emsage, Hmay
Holly, zColorss, Ebatez, Djmas23 BrittneyRaines, SuperEvan, Fifakill, Stukawaki


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