DougisRaw’s team wins New York Subliners’ $100k WarzoneMania: Full results

Warzone image with logo and NYSL logoInfinity Ward/NYSL

The Call of Duty League’s New York Subliners hosted a $100,000 WarzoneMania tournament to celebrate the start of Black Ops Cold War’s Season 1 Warzone integrations. Captains drafted their teams, squads went head to head, and we’ve got the full rundown in case you missed out.

Warzone’s popularity has taken many by surprise, even those within the Call of Duty community. While Black Ops 4’s Blackout piqued the interest of many community members, it failed to attract the competitive following that has grown around Warzone. Now, Call of Duty League pros and Twitch streamers alike are all competing in high-stakes Warzone tourneys.

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We have seen thousands of dollars earned in various tournaments, and another $100,000 in prize money just got added to the mix with New York’s WarzoneMania (as well as $25,000 in gifted Twitch subscriptions). It presented an opportunity for some of the best Warzone players in the world to expand their earned prize money totals.

Below, you’ll find the full recap for the tournament as well as the teams and format for the uniquely structured event.

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New York Subliners WarzoneMania: Day 1 Recap

Warzone character aiming at downed player

On Day 1, all 19 teams kicked off and got cooking. With a timed kill raee, the top six teams guaranteed placement in the Grand Finals while the remaining squads took to Rebirth Island for a chance to guarantee two final spots. Aydan’s squad built a huge lead during the kill race, but got joined by Swagg, MuTeX, HusKerrs, Vikkstar, and Tfue’s groups in the top six.

Then, during an incredibly close Rebirth Rumble contest, one unsurprising and one surprising team made it out. A renowned Warzone star, Tommey earned placement with his trio. And, on the more surprising side of things, Clayster must have gotten some hometown luck as he ended up being the only CDL captain to get a team into Day 2.

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New York Subliners WarzoneMania: Day 2 Grand Final Recap

With eight teams left and $100,000 still ready to be spread around, the Grand Finals were all set to be a barn burner featuring Verdansk’s finest. While many of these Trios did well on the first day of action, some couldn’t quite capture that magic again on the second day.

Mutex, Adyan, HusKerrs, and Vikkstar all crashed out of the competition in the first round of Day 2. Some scorelines were closer than others, with just seven points separating Aydan and Tommey, for instance. Ultimately, only two teams could advance all the way through to the finals and it just so happened that DougisRaw and Clayster had the best lineups on the day, even with last-minute substitutes.

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It all came down to this final showdown. DougisRaw and his teammates secured an early lead and Clayster’s squad could never quite catch up. Despite some remarkable solo plays and a few impressive matches, it wasn’t enough to secure the overall win. DougisRaw, TeePee, and Newbz won the event with a 61 point lead in the finals.

WarzoneMania Final results

Placement Team Prizing
1st DougisRaw, TeePee, Newbz $50,000
2nd Clayster, Frozone, Neslo $30,000
Top 4 Tommey, Rated, Enable $10,000
Top 4 FaZe Swagg, GDBooya, TTinyy $10,000
Top 8 Aydan, SuperEvan, JKap
Top 8 HusKerrs, AverageJoeWo, OpTic Jorge
Top 8 Vikkstar, Jukeyz, BennyCentral
Top 8 MuTeX, Diaz Biffle, Zer0

The single-elimination bracket for Day 2’s Grand Finals could be followed along here throughout the day.

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NYSL WarzoneMania Stream

The event was streamed live on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. Though various competitors shared their perspectives throughout the tournament as well. We’ve embedded the central hub below for your convenience.

New York Subliners WarzoneMania teams

With a live snake draft hosted by caster Chris Puckett, the WarzoneMania teams were all decided. While some players, like Dillon ‘Attach’ Price and Seth ‘Scump’ Abners, lost internet connection and needed picks made for them — the rest of the captains were able to make all of their picks comfortably. While NBA champion JR Smith got drafted to the unavailable Scump’s team by casters, others got to deliberate and craft their preferred rosters from a crop of talented pros and streamers.

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There will be 19 teams competing for their share of the prize pool. 12 captains were selected by the Subliners, while the rest were chosen by fans ahead of the draft. The team captains and their chosen teammates, in order of drafting position, follow below. All teams in bold were the ones that qualified for the grand finals on Day 2.

Draft Pick Team Captain Teammates
#1 FaZe Swagg GDBooya, TTinyy
#2 Symfuhny Zlaner, TheOceanOpz
#3 Attach ShadedStep, AquA
#4 HusKerrs AverageJoeWo, OpTic Jorge
#5 MuTeX Diaz Biffle, Zer0
#6 TeePee Merk, SlasheR
#7 Aydan SuperEvan, JKap
#8 Pamaj Yungstaz, Octane
#9 Tommey Rated, Enable
#10 Nufo Katie Bedford, LEGIQN
#11 ZooMaa Mack, Hydra
#12 Clayster Frozone, Neslo
#13 Vikkstar Jukeyz, BennyCentral
#14 Crimsix Blazt, Skyz
#15 MissesMae OPMarked, Apathy
#16 IceManIsaac Exzachtt, Warsz
#17 BobbyPoff Rallied, Almxnd
#18 Scump Wagnificent, JR Smith
#19 DougIsRaw TeePee, Newbz