Team Emz wins NYSL’s $100K June WarzoneMania tournament: final results

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The CDL’s New York Subliners hosted another $100,000 Warzone tournament: June’s WarzoneMania, which saw Team Emz securing the massive Day 2 win and taking out half of the total prize pool. Catch up on all of the action below with a recap of results, teams, and more.

  • Team Emz topped the standings across both days of competition.
  • $100,000 was handed out to the top three teams on day two.
  • Kalei Renay, Teep, HusKerrs, among players knocked out on day one.

NYSL WarzoneMania: Day 2 Placements

Placement Team Points Prize
1st Emz, Fifakill, Smitty, Warsz 644 $50,000
2nd Destroy, Angelat, ClutchBelk, DougisRaw 621 $30,000
3rd Angelika, Tommey, Stukawaki, Frozone 608 $20,000
4th Aydan, Dani, Scummn, Karma 599
5th IceManIsaac, Queenshadows, Bbreadman, Exzachtt 560
6th Smixie, Almond, Newbz, Legiqn 382
7th Jukeyz, Fifebyfivex, MuTeX, Metaphor 354
8th Swagg, SenseiWishem, Booya, Rallied 224

NYSL WarzoneMania: Day 2 Recap

The second day of WarzoneMania action started with a bang and didn’t let up across almost five hours of competition. Teams dropped into their local lobbies and pushed the pace, constantly trying to grab as many kills as possible.

No different from the previous day, Team Emz cruised to a spot firmly atop the standings. While they faced some opposition in the latter stages, they were all but locked into first place for the entire event.

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Rounding out the top three was Team Destroy and Team Angelkia, who both pushed beyond the 600 point mark. NYSL’s very own Warzone star Aydan fell just short of reaching the prize pool in fourth place.

NYSL WarzoneMania: Day 1 Placements

Placement Team Points
1st Emz, Fifakill, Smitty, Warsz 603
2nd Destroy, Angelat, ClutchBelk, DougisRaw 544
3rd Swagg, SenseiWishem, Booya, Rallied 539
4th Angelika, Tommey, Stukawaki, Frozone 537
5th Smixie, Almond, Newbz, Legiqn 527
6th IceManIsaac, Queenshadows, Bbreadman, Exzachtt 513
7th Aydan, Dani, Scummn, Karma 493
8th Jukeyz, Fifebyfivex, MuTeX, Metaphor 492
9th Kalei Renay. Pieman, Unrational, Bobbypoff 478
10th Teep, Hollylive, Blazt, Vikkstar 473
11th ZLaner, BrittneyRaines, SuperEvan, Shadestep 424
12th HusKerrs, P90Princess, JoeWo, Yktdeleo 381
13th SuperDuperKyle, MrDraft, Jsmooth, Kenzrosey 170

NYSL WarzoneMania Stream

The official stream for the two-day event featured analysis by Chris Puckett and JGOD, as they followed different POVs. You can find that VOD above.

If you’d rather catch up with individual players, some of the top pros and creators included Aydan, Tommey, and KaleiRenay.

NYSL WarzoneMania Schedule

NYSL’s June WarzoneMania was a two-day kill race event, meaning each day had set hours of competition. The first day featured all 16 teams with the top 8 moving onto the second day.

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  • Day 1: June 7, 4-9 p.m. ET
  • Day 2: June 8, 4-9 p.m. ET

NYSL WarzoneMania Teams & Players

There was a snake draft held for this event with co-ed captains getting to choose from a stacked list of players and creators.

JGOD broke down who he thinks the tournament’s top 10 players are, but a variety were worth keeping an eye on — led by pros like Aydan, Tommey, and Fifakill.

Captain Team
IceManIsaac QueenShadows, Bbreadman, Exzachtt
Destroy AngelAT, clutchbelk, Dougisraw
EmZ Fifakill, Smitty, WarsZ
Kalei Renay Pieman, UnRationaL, BobbyPoff
Angelika Tommey, Stukawaki, Frozone
Swagg SenseiSwishem, Booya, Rallied
HusKerrs P90Princess, JoeWo, YKTDeleo
Aydan Dani, ScummN, Karma
Jukeyz FiveByFive, MuTeX, Metaphor
TeeP HollyyLive, Blazt, Vikkstar
Zlaner BrittneyRaines, SuperEvan, ShadedStep
Smixie Almond, Newbz, LEGIQN