Is Nuketown Zombies coming to Black Ops 4? Treyarch release teasers for third DLC map

Albert Petrosyan

A new DLC map for Zombies is coming soon to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Treyarch have already started to put out teasers for it.

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The new DLC Zombies map will be the third in Black Ops 4, following the Dead of the Night and Ancient Evil that were released in December and March respectively.

Not much confirmed information is known about the third DLC, other than it will be releasing on July 9 and will follow the Aether Storyline, putting the newly introduced Chaos story on hold.

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On June 27, Treyarch gave players further clues about the nature of the upcoming map, dropping two brand new teaser images on Twitter.

The first was an image of a female character floating in a mysterious blue light, along with the caption “I know what must be done, and who must do it,” leading some to believe it could be a sequel to the popular Moon map from the first Black Ops. 

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However, it was the second teaser that sent the Zombies community into a frenzy. Posted just a couple of hours after the first, the second image contained the words Alpha Omega, along with the Greek letters edited to fit the map’s theme.

The image also came with a caption of its own, which read “The end begins.”

What instantly caught everyone’s attention was the small icon of a rocket in the first symbol, which many have interpreted to be a nuke, theorizing that Nuketown could be a part of the new DLC. 

Further supporting this theory is an unreleased loading screen that was found in the game files by user Joshwoocool and leaked on June 27, showing what is clearly a classic Nuketown Zombies map.

Joshwoocool - TwitterA leaked loading screen in Black Ops 4 hints at the return of Nuketown Zombies!

Nuketown Zombies was first introduced in Call of Duty as a DLC map in Black Ops 2, but has not been released in any of the titles since.

Thus, the possibility of the once fan-favorite map finally making its return has a lot of devoted fans very excited, including several top Zombies YouTubers. 

If a return of Nuketown Zombies is indeed on the cards, there still remains the question of how it will fit in to the storyline, and how prevalent it will be in the third DLC as a whole. 

Players will just have to wait until July 7, when the map will be released on the PlayStation 4, followed by the Xbox One and PC seven days later. 

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