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Infinity Ward slam speculation about censoring Modern Warfare

Published: 26/Jun/2019 18:58 Updated: 26/Jun/2019 19:04

by Alan Bernal


The hype around Call of Duty’s gritty and realistic take on the modern battlefield, and reassured their audience that their focus hasn’t changed.

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There’s been speculation that Infinity Ward has been mulling over how intense they want their final product to be when it releases on October 25, which is making some fans a bit apprehensive about buying into the experience.

Even though the idea of any kind of censorship in the game had been put to rest before, the studio made sure to double down on their stance following a mounting wave of rumors.


Infinity WardModern Warfare might get real personal, and it doesn’t look like the studio will try to water down the experience.
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What did they say?

In a June 26 message to their audience, the Modern Warfare developers touched on the hearsay about possibly changing their game in any way as the studio gets closer to their end of year launch.

“To be very clear,” Infinity Ward said in response to the swirling remarks about their game. “We’re making the exact game we want to make, and we can’t wait until October 25th.”

Going by the little footage fans have been able to see, it looks like Modern Warfare is going to introduce to its players a more personal, surreal view of war not seen for a long time in the Call of Duty franchise.


While this obviously means that game will have tight shooting mechanics and great environments to look at, it seems fans looking for a gripping story can rest assured knowing that the devs won’t be veering from their original concept.

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Modern Warfare’s director also responded to the claims

In a previous report from Kotaku, there was an instance in which the studio seemed to be censoring some dialogue in their campaign because of its disturbing nature.

At the thought of it, fans instantly voiced their concerns about the possible changes, and Studio Narrative Director at Infinity Ward Taylor Kurosaki personally chimed in to quell their concerns, saying: “We never would. Those are rumors. Not true.”


While audiences wait for the first sign of gameplay from the Modern Warfare crew, it looks like whatever they end up with will be undeterred by any ideas of censoring their game.