NICKMERCS calls for more Warzone 2 LAN events to expose “weird” cheaters

Nickmercs on Ashika Island in Warzone 2NICKMERCS/Activision

Streaming star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff wants Call of Duty to run a few Warzone 2 LAN events to weed out cheaters and “weird” behavior. 

Even though other battle royales have taken off with regular competitive events, Warzone hasn’t quite matched its rivals. 

Members of the community, and the Call of Duty devs, have held a number of tournaments over the last few years, but there isn’t a fully-fledged league like the others. In the case of Warzone 2, even though it’s been out for a few months, there haven’t been too many big events. 

That comes as a surprise to NICKMERCS, who is eager to see more Warzone events being held, especially those that can expose anyone who is cheating and their “weird” behavior. 

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NICKMERCS wants more Warzone 2 events to expose “weird” cheaters

It was something the FaZe Clan star flagged in his February 22 video, as he noted that he was “surprised” by the lack of in-person tournaments for Warzone 2.

“I’m surprised Call of Duty didn’t launch a bunch of events in person and battle royale tournaments. They could have it coincide with the CDL, they do like in-person battle royale tournaments. You’d have to qualify for it, or you can make it invite-only if you want, but I’m surprised they didn’t do that,” Nick said. 

“Too many cheaters? That’s why you do it on LAN, they can’t cheat. You can’t do online, I agree with you. There is too many scammers and cheaters and weird people. At the end of the day, there is a lot of content around that, like people that are popular to be cheating, people think they’re cheating, you find out real quick if they’re full of s*it or not. I think that could work, but any kind of competitive online in this game is real stinky.”

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Nick also added that more in-person events are needed because of the “weird” behavior in the community, and that’d be sure to weed a lot of it out. 

Even the World Series of Warzone, which has been the biggest Warzone event to date, was held online, so it remains to be seen if there are plans to take it to LAN.