NICKMERCS claims Warzone 2 Rank Play is a “big step in the right direction”

Ryan Lemay

NICKMERCS spent a day playing Ranked Play in Warzone 2 and walked away with a very strong first impression.

Season 3 Reloaded marked the beginning of Ranked Play in Warzone 2. The long-awaited competitive game mode features a comprehensive skill rating system and seven divisions for players to work their way through. The ultimate goal of the game mode is to earn a place in the coveted Top 250, which honors the best of the best.

Just as MW2 Ranked Play accomplished, the Battle Royale sequel’s iteration reinvigorated interest. Content creators, professionals, and casual players embarked on a race to reach the Top 250 first. And a few dedicated competitors, such as JoeWo, reached the mountaintop.

Nick couldn’t resist joining the competition and was pleasantly surprised.

NICKMERCS shares first impression of Warzone 2 Ranked Play

NICKMERCS took a break from the Apex Legends ALGS grind to hop back on Warzone 2. There was a little bit of an extra incentive as Nick and TimTheTatman became the first two content creators to receive an Operator skin in Warzone history.

While wearing his MFAM operator skin, Nick shredded through Ranked Play lobbies and shared his first impression.

“I don’t hate Call of Duty at all. I think it’s sick that I’m in the game, and I love that they added this whole playlist.”

“This is what they needed. If they can just expand on this, I would like to dabble a little bit, man.”

Nick explained why Ranked Play is so important for the COD community.

“This is definitely a big step in the right direction for Call of Duty. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. They have a lot to do. The community has not been happy for a while. However, this is a big day for them.”

The leader of the MFAM Army claimed that Apex Legends could learn from how Warzone 2 collaborated with content creators.

“I think content creators need to be involved a little bit more, professional esports organizations need to be compensated better, and they need to tap into that whole area better if they can.”

Only time will tell how long the hype train keeps chugging along for Warzone 2 Ranked Play, but it made a strong first impression.

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