NICKMERCS reacts to Modern Warfare 2 reveal: “I’m trying to contain my excitement”

NICKMERCS and Soap from Modern Warfare 2Activision/NICKMERCS (YouTube)

Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has revealed his thoughts on the Modern Warfare 2 reveal, explaining why he is trying to temper his excitement. 

Following on from the recent Modern Warfare 2 reveal, NICKMERCS has given his honest opinion on the upcoming title. While many CoD content creators and fans have been keen to praise the 2019 sequel, Nick still remains cautious. 

The content creator was originally a huge fan of Warzone during the Verdansk days, but the Vanguard integration ultimately drove him away. This led to NICKMERCS grinding out competitive Apex Legends games – an area he has been incredibly passionate about. 

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However, Nick did previously note that Modern Warfare 2 would bring him back to Warzone. This news is obviously massive for CoD fans who have missed his high-energy gameplay, but the streamer did raise a number of concerns about Modern Warfare 2. 

NICKMERCS reacts to Modern Warfare 2 reveal

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivision
Modern Warfare 2 will be released later this year.

“I’m trying to contain my excitement, you know what I mean? They might f*ck around and not deliver like usual,” said Nick. “You know that the core CoD guys are going to be like ‘this game is so good’ either way.” 

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NICKMERCS notes how poor the recent Kong vs Godzilla event was in Warzone, which he used as an example of how the devs have disappointed fans in the past. “They advertised King Kong and Godzilla fighting for like two months, only for them to just shout at each other.” It’s because of experiences like this, that Nick remains cautious. 

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Despite this, the streamer did note that he is hyped for another Modern Warfare-themed battle royale. “MW2 was one of the greatest CoD games ever, and it’s a great CoD to base a battle royale around,” said Nick. 

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“The fact that they’re making another Warzone around that, it’s definitely framed up nicely. We’ll see, right?” 

While details surrounding Warzone 2 remain scarce, it’s clear that Nick is keen to dive back in and give both titles a go once they release.