NICKMERCS picks Warzone’s next best weapon after AMAX nerf

Nickmercs and a warzone character with AMAXYouTube: NICKMERCS/Activision

Streaming star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has revealed his pick for Warzone’s next best weapon once the AMAX is hit with a nerf, as the upcoming update is exactly what he’s been after. 

Ever since Warzone launched over a year ago, the weapon meta has constantly been shifting. It focused first on snipers, then shifted to the DMR, and more recently the Mac-10, AMAX, and AUG. 

Players have though always been calling for nerfs to keep things fresh. They’ve constantly raised complaints with the meta going stale, and it looks like Raven Software is listening. Cold War Season 3 is still pretty new, but they’ve already confirmed changes are coming

One of which is to the AMAX, and as everyone predicts its downfall, NICKMERCS is looking for its successor, and he thinks he’s found it in the form of an old favorite. 

warzone amax stun launcher loadoutActivision
The AMAX, in various forms, has become Warzone’s premier AR.

In his April 29 YouTube video, the FaZe Clan part-owner praised Raven for revealing their upcoming changes, saying it’s exactly what he’s been wanting. 

“It looks like they’re trying to stay on top of the most-used guns in Warzone. So whatever everybodys rocking, whatever the percentages look like on their data end, they’re just going to keep hitting the top of the food chain. I’ve been asking for this kind of attention to the game for a long time,” Nick said. 

In terms of what’s going to be the next top dog, Nick believes that honor will go to the Krig-6, stating that it’ll replace not only the AMAX, but every assault rifle in the game to boot. 

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As anyone who has used the Krig-6 before will know, it shoots pretty straight and deals decent damage, so bringing a few weapons down could propel up the rankings once again.

It remains to be seen if Nick will be proven right, or if Warzone players will switch their attention to something else. Who knows, the upcoming update could spark an even bigger meta shift away from assault rifles altogether.