Warzone confirms upcoming weapon changes: AMAX, FARA, Bullfrog, more


Call of Duty: Warzone’s meta may be shifting, once again, in Season 3. After the developers promised more adjustments, it appears that buffs and nerfs are coming to the AMAX, FARA, Bullfrog, and all Black Ops Cold War guns.

In Warzone’s Season 3 patch notes, guns were changed drastically and the ensuing meta completely changed in Verdansk. But devs left a note foreshadowing upcoming changes as well: “We are keeping a close eye on the AMAX. No king rules forever.”

It seems those upcoming changes are drawing nearer, as an April 28 Warzone patch promises weapon adjustments to the CR-56 AMAX, FARA 83, Bullfrog, and all Cold War guns’ ADS times.

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Since Season 3 nerfed the AUG and M16, the AMAX has reigned supreme as the long-range gun of choice among top players. Similarly, Cold War ARs like the FARA and AK-47 have been used as lethal secondaries. The foreshadowed update could change all of that.

Warzone’s upcoming Season 3 weapon changes

warzone amax stun launcher loadoutActivision
The AMAX, in various forms, has become Warzone’s premier AR.

The patch notes promise two things. First, there will be “balance adjustments” for the AMAX, FARA, and Bullfrog. Second, there will be “changes to ADS firing speed” on all BOCW attachments.

Considering the earlier threat to the “king,” one has to presume these AMAX changes will be nerfs to the popular gun. Now that players are increasingly comfortable with its recoil, perhaps its damage will be reined in so that it’s closer to other ARs.

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The FARA and Bullfrog mentions are intriguing, the former because it’s not considered OP by any means and the latter because it’s not considered very strong at all. At the moment, the FARA is a strong close-range gun — so they may nerf its mobility and buff its range. Similarly, the Bullfrog is lethal if you hit headshots up to about 15 meters, at which point there’s a massive drop-off, so they may nerf the headshot multiplier while buffing other stats so the gun is more versatile (and forgiving).

The ADS speed changes can only be assumed to impact the amount of Cold War ARs we’re seeing used as secondaries, but no one can be sure.

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Where will Warzone’s meta go next?

warzone ak-47 smg classActivision
This AK-47 could become the go-to secondary after the FARA’s nerfs.

Both prongs of the meta are likely to be impacted by these promised adjustments. If the AMAX is nerfed, then the obvious primary of choice will be the Krig 6 — which was already getting some play anyway.

Other intriguing primaries will include the Kar98k, the Stoner 63, and practically every Modern Warfare AR that fans have begun to grow nostalgic for (Kilo 141, M4-A1, Grau 5.56).

As for secondaries, if the FARA is nerfed and the AK-47 is not, then the latter will immediately become the best close-range gun in the game. But if all ADS speeds are changed for BOCW ARs, then SMGs may return to the limelight.

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If the Bullfrog is buffed, it likely becomes the best secondary in the game. If not, subs like the LC10 and MAC-10 remain viable, with the chance to surpass a possibly slower AK-47 and FARA.